Saturday, July 19, 2014

Les Rives du Lac in Gerardmer, France

After our walk around the lake, it was only natural that we would stay for dinner. One, we were super hungry and two, we had to check out what the restaurants by the lake were like. We had our choice of restaurants to pick, but we eventually chose one right in front of the lake - Les Rives du Lac. We hoped for a nice outdoor table with the view of the lake, but we didn't. Instead, we were seated on an outdoor table with the view totally blocked by another table and sandwiched between two other tables. Boo.

Lac de Gerardmer, France

It's hard not to think of Gerardmer when I think of Les Vosges. Although there are other touristic and known places like La Bresse, I fell in love with Gerardmer since the first time I visited it. It's all about the beautiful lake, the lush greens, and the chill ambiance. So on the way home from SO's summer camp (click here for the post), I thought it would the perfect opportunity to make a little detour to Gerardmer. MR has never been before and like me, I knew he would love it. I later regretted not getting a hotel room to stay overnight, but we still had fun walking around. Life has been crazy busy these past months and it's been a while since we were able to spend some time just MR and I. It was a very relaxing moment, where at times it almost felt that time had stop and it was just the two of us.

Road Trip to Les Vosges, France

I don't know if I ever mentioned it but SO, my 5 year old daughter, is my miracle child. And most probably the only child I will ever have. When I was told 6 years ago that I could never have children naturally, I was crushed. I didn't know where MR and I would be heading and if we could be one of those couples that could survive being just the two of us. I was 23 then and the future was a big question mark. And then the miracle happened. Some time after that, during a routine check-up for my ovarian issues, the image of a fully formed baby appeared on the ultrasound screen. To say that I was shocked is an understatement and when the doctor asked MR to come in the ultrasound room, he was as equally shocked. If I wasn't seeing the image of the baby or hearing its heartbeat, I would have thought this was a sick joke. Once the feeling of shock faded away, stress quickly sank in. I was 4 months pregnant, entering the second trimester of my pregnancy and millions of questions popped in my head. Was I ready for this? How would we support this child? One minute I was accepting the fact that I would never have children, then the next I was actually pregnant with a child! I still can't believe that that was 6 years ago. These days I am still feeling stressed. It has never stopped. Except these days I am stressed for other reasons.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Dinner at Villa Roma in Morhange, France

A couple of days ago, one of my close friends, MT, called and asked what we were planning to do on the evening of the 14th of July, otherwise also known as the Fete Nationale in France. I, unfortunately, wasn't sure of anything as MR didn't have his work schedule yet, so I told her I was unable to promise her anything. Just a week ago, we had lunch together at Villa Roma in Morhange (click here for the post) and she loved the place so much that she wanted to go back with her husband, DIMR, and I. I didn't confirm anything until last night when we found out that MR was indeed working this evening. My daughter SO was happy to take his place as my date tonight. I loved seeing MT and her husband, DI, play with SO throughout the night and I wonder if a baby is in the plans this year! ;p

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Que Huong in Saint Avold, France

I heard a while back that there was an Asian restaurant in Saint Avold, France, but I wasn't familiar with it. I couldn't find much information online so I didn't know if it was updated or if the restaurant was still running. Anyways, when MR came home from work this afternoon, I told him that my niece had picked up our daughter for the weekend and we were all alone for the evening. I had no idea what I was going to make for dinner, so I was happily surprised when MR suggested we try the Asian restaurant in Saint Avold. He had also heard about the restaurant from his colleagues, but the feedback were pretty bad. So I went online to have more information while MR was showering and found out that there were in fact 2 Asian restaurants in Saint Avold. Not knowing which one we were going to since both didn't really have good reviews online, I went with what seemed to be the less of the 2 evil.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cherry Pie

One thing that I love in summer are the fruits. While I prefer winter food (stews and soups), I am a sucker for summer fruits - Strawberries, Peaches, Nectarines, Melon and my absolute favorite ... Cherries! I eat them by the handful anytime during the day and these are the first things I look for in the weekly open markets.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Lunch with Girlfriends at Villa Roma in Morhange, France

It's officially the summer break!!! This means that starting today I am working way less than usual and SO isn't going to school for two months. Unfortunately for MR, he is working just as much (or even more!). We are not going on vacation this summer, although my legs are begging to, because our schedules just won't permit it. I still can't believe it's gonna be almost 3 years I haven't seen the beach. Just thinking of it hurts. Anyways, you can't always have what you want in life and really, who I am to complain anyways. Especially on a day like today where I get to mark the start of the week (and of the summer) with two of my close friends. Eating out with good friends is not a bad way to start the week and I could definitely get used to this! :)

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