Saturday, January 24, 2015

Cora Fred Sari-Sari Store in Paris, France

Our last day in Paris was all planned out, with only one objective in mind: drop by a Filipino store. Some may not understand how strongly I feel, but trust me going home without buying some Filipino groceries was just impossible. If ever I had to make a list of living in Paris vs. where I'm currently living, the Filipino stores would definitely be high in my Pro-Paris list. Anyways, I knew where I needed to be that morning and after a quick Metro ride, I was happily going through the stocks of Pinoy products in the Cora Fred Sari-Sari Store.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Lunch Date at La Pataterie in Moulin-les-Metz, France

Has luck finally turned around for us? I hope so!

After what I can only describe as an awful experience yesterday, MR and I might have finally found the car we needed. So it all started yesterday when I found what seemed to be a good car for sale online. I tried calling. Unsuccessfully. Until finally, the person picked up the phone and set it aside while she was having a conversation with a man! How rude, right! After 10 minutes of listening to her talking to the man (about the car!), I put down the phone. I called back after half an hour only to be rudely told to call back the next morning. I called this morning and she never picked up the phone (and even cancelled my call at one point!). Oh well, you cannot expect everyone to act maturely and respectfully, I told myself.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

MR's Birthday Lunch - Creamy Beef Liver, Buttered Corn, and Rice

My husband, MR, turned 31 years old today. How does he feel about turning 31?! Not so bad, I must say. I gotta ask him how he does it though. I'm turning 30 at the end of this year and I'm already freaking out at the thought!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

La Diligence in Metz, France

How have you been coping up with going back to work after the holidays?

Me? Not so well, it seems. I don't know if it's the fact that there was a break in my work momentum, but I don't feel like I'm picking things up from where I left them off. It almost feels like I'm beginning from zero and figuring out a routine or a flow again. It's unnerving. Strange things have been happening around me too. Strange and not so good. I guess it started with my husband's car accident last month. He came out of it perfectly fine and uninjured, but the car is gone. We've been sharing one car .... which is not the easiest thing to do! The holiday break was good because I was able to rest, but it felt almost too short. On the first week back to work I, unfortunately, missed out a major and important class. When I changed my day planner, I forgot to write it down. Then I had to make up for those missed classes and was given a crappy schedule. I can't do the things I want to do and often times I'm stuck at home when MR takes the car to work. Grrrr!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Toad Hall Restaurant in Disneyland Paris, France

If there's one advise I can give you from our day in Disneyland Paris, it would be to avoid eating lunch at noon time. Try 11 AM or 1:30 PM instead. Two reasons: 1.) avoid the impossible lunch rush and 2.) since everyone is busy eating, queue lines for the rides are shorter at noon. Plus, if you're like me and got up earlier than usual, you will be hungry earlier. By 11 AM, I was absolutely famished!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Disneyland Paris in Marne-la-Vallée, France

Every time Dad was discharged from the hospital in 2013, he would promise my daughter, SO, that he would bring her to Disneyland Paris one day. Unfortunately, he never got to. In the summer of 2013, we thought we could go on SO's birthday, but Dad was hospitalized again and things went from bad to worse for him. Sadly sometimes, even if there's a will, there's also no way. Which is why ,we included a trip to Disneyland in our Paris trip this year. This meant we would spend one less day touring the city of Paris, but for our daughter we were capable of much more. This was also MR's and my first time in Disneyland and we were quite excited to see what it felt like to be in "the happiest place in the world".

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Arc du Triomphe in Paris, France

I had asked my pseudo uncle, AR, if he could drive SO and I to the train station. On the way there, he mentioned how much he loved the Arch of Triumph / Arc de Triomphe the first time he saw it. In fact, he never imagined how big and impressive it would be. That's exactly how I felt seeing it again because I had completely forgotten its beauty and its historical symbol!

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