Saturday, June 4, 2011

Macaron Tango Cafe, Cebu

About 3 months ago, a new French Restaurant/Cafe opened in Cebu. Since then, we've been hearing about this little nook from newspapers, friend's photos, and facebook. Naturally, we were itching to go!

The first time we planned on going was on a weekday, but I had to cancel because of a sudden change of plans. And then we were supposed to go that Sunday, we got there and found out they were closed on Sundays!

We were finally able to get there last night after we watched Kung Fu Panda 2 at Ayala Center. There was a sale at Ayala so it took us a while to make it to Macaron Tango Cafe, which is located at Osmena Boulevard.

I must say that for a place we were quite excited to visit, we were sorely disappointed! At first glance, there was nothing French about this place. Not even modern French. Or fusion French. The place was dead quiet with no music but just the occasional peep here and there. We were the only customers there the whole night. People would pass by the door, take a glance around, and walk away. After several times, a couple went in and asked about the old place that was there. At the end of our evening, another couple went in, looked at the displayed food, and left.

If you want to eat at Macaron Tango make sure you have the leisure of time because everything has its own pace of time from the service to the payment. The waitress was unable to describe the dishes when she questioned her which prompted the lady owner to take over. Our food took a while to magically find its way to our table even though we were the only ones eating here! They did not even manage to bring our food at the same time. I was already done with my meal, when my husband's pizza FINALLY arrived! And to make matters worse, it wasn't even the right pizza! LOL! We were served the Pizza Trois Fromages (tomato, mozzarella, blue, goat cheese) instead of Husband's choice, Quatre Saisons (Four Seasons-tomato, mozzarella, capers, artichokes, mushrooms). Their excuse was that their bestseller is the Pizza Trois Fromages so the cook was confused blah, blah, blah! It don't matter if the staff is wearing a Lacoste shirt (assuming that it's the real thing) if they can't get our orders right! Sorely disappointed!

Desserts, which were right there on display, did not do any better. But this time it was Dad's turn to wait for his Tarte Tatin, which in my opinion should have stayed on display (the colorful posts of the food will follow). But thankfully they had French dishes which I appreciate.

The payment was a joke! I asked for the bill while SM and I were sharing a chocolate mousse. The waitress came halfway the room, caught my eye, and said, "Mam, it's P1,698". I gestured to have the receipt (hello?!? Who doesn't check the receipt before paying???). It tooooooookkkk forever for it! I could have read this blog post at least 10 times over and over again before I finally got it. It was computerized which took me by surprise because I had assumed they wrote down the dishes one by one manually (yes! It took that long!). But I'm thankful I did because they had mixed up our dessert orders. There you go again!

We finally made it out of therewith huge sigh of reliefs! Throughout the car ride home, MR and I went back and forth whether we would go back there and if it was worth. We agreed that maybe they were still in what they call the "soft opening period". And then we got home and opened the box of macarons I brought home. I had ordered 3 Salted Caramel and Apple Macarons and 3 Raspberry Macarons. Imagine my surprise when I couldn't find any pink Macarons and instead found 3 Chocolate Macarons instead of the Raspberry Macarons. Well, there goes the second chance card I told myself! There gonna have to find a better excuse than the "soft opening period" one! Their location and service isn't at all attractive and the food isn't all that!

*Oh! By the way, before I forget...If you're wondering where are the comfort room pictures, well it's because there are no comfort rooms. So if you're at Macaron Tango Cafe and want to wash you hands or use the toilet, you have to go out of the restaurant and use Boulevard's common comfort room. Yipee, huh?!?

Macaron Tango Cafe
Space 5, Centro Arcade
Osmena Boulevard, Capitol Site, Cebu City
*Closed on Sundays. 
*Does not accept major credit cards.


  1. Thank you for such an honest review. I just hate reading sugar-coated food/restaurant reviews only to find out how much of a stinker the place actually is.

    I'm still curious as how their Macarons taste like though. I will be going there with diminished high expectations.

  2. Thank you for such an honest review. I just hate reading sugar-coated food/restaurant reviews only to find out how much of a stinker the place actually is.

    I'm still curious as how their Macarons taste like though. I will be going there with diminished high expectations.

  3. I've actually read a lot of positive reviews about this place so I assume they might have improved.

    Have you tried the Macarons at Vanille in Ayala?

    But yeah, don't go with high expectations. At least if you have a good experience, it'll be real good. If it's the other way, then..... hehe. :)

    Let me know how it goes! :)

  4. Hehe true. I've tried the Macarons in Vanille, and they are exquisite. I don't really have a basis of comparison since i'm fairly new to the world of Macarons, but the ones i tried (Chocolate, Peppermint, and Hazelnut) were really good! I still have a few flavors to try though.

    The Hazelnut Macarons in Vanille were my favorite, you should try them when you get the chance. :)

    As soon as I visit Macaron Tango, I'll let you know how the experience went.

  5. You know what's funny is I go to Vanille for the Macarons (Chocolate Macarons is love!), but I always seem to divert to their Chocolate Truffles! They are exquisite! Next time, I will make sure to try the Hazelnut ones. Thanks for the recommendation. :)

  6. I think the person who write this review definitly doesn't know what french kitchen is when they say that there is nothing french in Macaron Tango. Actually, this is the only place in Cebu where you can eat something that realy taste good & french...

    I must say that most of my (french) friends likes very much that place, and I never had a bad experience with them. And when you know how demanding a french can be when it is about food, this is a big compliment !

    A belgian that likes french food.

  7. Dear Anonymous / A Belgian that likes French food.

    I suggest you read my whole review again before you comment. Let me clarify some points. I am French. Not by choice, not by birthplace, but French in blood. I've lived in France, eaten in France, so in a way I will dare to say that I do know about French cuisine. And boy, do I know how demanding a French can be as I've lived with one for most of my life (my father!).

    I am glad that you like the food and the service at Macaron Tango. You are indeed one of the lucky ones. Perhaps you could shower me with your lucky fairy dust.

    All I ever did was write about the experience I had when I tried the place. If I wrote about something else, I'd be writing a fiction book. I do believe that my readers expect me to write honestly about my exact experience. My apologies if I've offended you.

    A French that likes French food.

    P.S. I was talking about the interior not looking French, not the food! Note on the 6th paragraph:

    "But thankfully they had French dishes which I appreciate."

  8. I haven't been to the place, but I was thinking about it. Thank heavens, your blog was the first blog I read! :D I'm not comfortable with eateries not having comfort rooms. Where are we going to puke if we don't like their food? Does the bistro have any "saving grace," er, good points? You didn't talk on whether the food was delicious... I'd really love to know.

  9. Hi Psyche! I wanted to have separate posts on Macaron Tango the place and the food. If you click on the link below, it will guide you on the post for the food:

    My experience here wasn't exactly the best or what I had expected. But when asked by friends if it's worth trying, I tell them yes. I go by the principle that you can't say you don't like something unless you've tried it at least once. So if you ever have a meal at Macaron Tango I sure hope you have a good experience and maybe think of me. hehehehe.

  10. Word around Cebu Doctors' Hospital is that.. if you want to try their food.. just order take out.. because the first thing that hits your senses when you open the door.. is the chef's body odor.. no it isn't oregano.. it's the undeniable kili kili odor..sacre bleu! get their number and order through phone.. for take out.. and send your secretary or driver to pick up the'll lose your appetite if you went yourself... and thank you for an honest review!

    1. Yes , french guys smell the men and pinays like it . But maybe your nose is too close to your mouth ...
      a smelling frenchie

    2. Now, now. I feel like we're in a school yard. Let's keep it light, alright? ;)

  11. today I walked out of a French Cafe called Macaron Tango Cafe. It's located at the Boulevard. My previous experiences had been ok. Pricey, but the food before was good. Today, the place aircon is hardly working, the salad looked tired and (worst) the smoked salmon looked resuscitated from a long dip in formalin. But worst than worst is the incompetent service: took them 30 minutes to prepare a simple salad, and another 30 minutes to prepare the bill. I asked for the receipt and they gave me a handwritten scratch the way, I simply can't understand why people would pay P40 for a piece of French Macaron unless there's really plenty of excess cash going around the Cebu economy.


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