Sunday, June 19, 2011

Uno at Waterfront Hotel Lahug, Cebu

With the many many options of places to eat at this Father's Day, we definitely had a hard time choosing where to go. Our original plans of going swimming today was abruptly canceled because of the pouring rain, but nothing could ruin our mood because what really matters is the company and nothing beats being with one's family!

Choosing the restaurant for tonight's dinner was based on some of the following criteria:  (1) it had to somewhere close to home (no one wants to be stuck in traffic especially on a rainy day),

(2) it had to be buffet-style as requested by the fathers,

and, (3) within budget (we paid P850 net per person, children eat for free, drinks are not included).

So we found ourselves at Uno, which is one of the many restaurants in Waterfront Hotel Lahug Cebu.

Appetizers + International Dishes

We have a love/hate relationship with Uno. Based on my experiences, it is inconsistent. Food can either be great or just the complete opposite. You never really know until you're there.

The Asian corner

Uno serves International Food and there are 4 big buffet tables. There are lots of choices, I guess it just depends on what you like. I was shocked to see the very limited Japanese choices. No sushi and sashimi and unimpressive choices of maki. As a huge Japanese food lover, this was definitely a downer.

Salads + International Dishes

We were seated right away at a table between the entrance and appetizers buffet table, which is what MR requested when he made the reservation.

Noodle Soup + Pastas

We each ordered drinks but we were also served with purified water. The waiter assigned to our table was quite attentive and made it a point to refill our water glasses as soon as they reached the half-line. He was also quick to get our empty plates and payment.

Tempura + Carving Station + Grilling Station

When we got there, the place was almost empty, but as time passed the place slowly started to pack up.

The place is clean and family/children friendly. No comfort rooms are available in the restaurant itself, but if you take a couple of steps outside, you can use the hotel lobby comfort room. Sorry no pictures of that, was too busy eating! hehe!

By the end of dinner, we were super full! In fact, too full to even ask for complimentary coffee or tea. Although when I think of it, hot tea would have helped greatly with the digestion.

We paid using a credit card, food dinner + drinks + beverage tax.

And as we walked out of the restaurant, I noticed something was going on in the hotel's lobby. A huge temporary wooden wall in lieu of the other half of the lobby.

Apparently, a major renovation is underway. I wonder what the temporary wood walls are gonna unfold.


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