Thursday, July 21, 2011

Casa Verde, The Terraces Ayala Center Cebu

People in a local forum have posted about how staff at Casa Verde Ayala prefer serving foreigners versus Filipino diners. I don't know how much of that is actually true. We were at Ayala this afternoon shopping for shoes for an event tomorrow. We had originally planned on picking up food from Casa Verde, but the afternoon went on and before we knew it, it was already 6pm. Since we had planned on picking up food at Casa Verde, why not dine there instead?

So, my husband and I go ahead and try to get a table. I am told to wait while the table is being cleaned and they put my name in the waiting list. I am first in the waiting list. We wait patiently by the door. Dad finally shows up a few minutes later. The hostess sees him and we are immediately brought inside and seated at one of the couch seats. I don't know what triggered this promptness. Was is the white guy or was it the old man walking with a cane? I am not gonna make any conclusions. But yeah, there are allegations in local forums and I seriously hope it's not true.

 The view from our indoors seats & an interesting wall decor.

I am very impressed with Casa Verde's development. What started in a simple house near Velez College has now become a very popular joint. The menu has quite expanded too, and I was surprised to see that they now serve a variety of omelets. We usually like to pick up food rather than dine-in as they are seriously full almost every day of the week!

Brian's Baby Back Ribs - P198.00

Another reason we prefer to pick-up food is because one of us is bound to order Brian's Baby Back Ribs. And the ribs are best devoured like a caveman with your fingers and with much gusto! It's quite hard to do that in a restaurant full of strangers. Tonight, I got the ribs. I thought the sauce was more watery than usual, but every other component was there. Nice flavored BBQ sauce, check. Tender meat, check. Huge serving, check. And I asked for a siding of harvest rice rather than the plain rice and buttered corn and carrots. ☺

Pork Steak - P178.00

MR got a dish very similar to the dish he got the last time we were at T.G.I.Friday's, Pork Steak. Casa Verde's version was bigger, better, and cheaper too! That also came with Harvest Rice and Steamed Vegetables.

Seafood Carbonara - P158.00

SM's love for Casa Verde sprung from one particular dish, the Seafood Carbonara. This was creamy and had lots and lots of seafood and mushroom!

Caryl's Country Salad - P155.00

I also ordered a plate of Caryl's Country Salad to share. This was composed of lettuce, cheese cubes, carrots, eggs, tomatoes, and chicken pieces with a creamy dressing.

1/2 Club Sandwich and Soup - P165.00

French Fries - P40.00

Dad was debating with himself whether to get a soup or a salad and a sandwich. I convinced him to get their combo meal and that's exactly what he did. He settled for the 1/2 Club Sandwich and French Onion Soup. He didn't go crazy with the soup, but he liked the sandwich. It was quite filling. He also got an extra order of French Fries.

Vanilla Shake - P90.00

Our drinks were Mineral Water, Softdrinks, and SM got a Vanilla Shake. It was good, but I thought it lacked in coldness. Dad helped her finished it.

Softdrinks (Coke / Sprite) - P50.00
Bottle of Mineral Water - P35.00

Service was extremely good tonight and even if the place was jam-packed, food was served at a reasonable time and altogether too! MR accidentally dropped a spoon and he was given another one right away without asking! I was impressed with how the staff was attentive to each table. We had an excellent night and were quite full. I guess there was just no space for Gelatissimo this time around.

Side Note: As we were being seated, the hostess informed us that they didn't have beef steak available that night. But no worries to us as we weren't planning to order steak. ☺

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  1. Nice review. I prefer dining at the branch near velez though, because I love their Asian salad which isn't offered in the menu at the Ayala branch for some reason


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