Thursday, July 7, 2011

Delivery: Dimsum Break, Cebu

Ordering from Dimsum Break is very convenient for us as there is a branch 5-10 minutes away from our house. Food is always delivered on-time and hot when it gets here.

First. I just want to warn you. The photos are really rough. Hey, I was hungry so picture taking was quick! ;p

Steamed Fried Rice (P58.00)-Dimsum Break's Steamed Fried Rice is one of a kind. Not as tasty as the ones I remember years ago, but still very good.

 Spring Rolls (P52.00)

Fried Wanton (P50.00)-Did not like this. Wanton skin is too thick.

Chicken Feet (P55.00)-my usual order. Photo does not do it justice. It's spicy and delicious!

Shark Fin Siomai (P50.00)-Can anyone tell me why they're not green-colored anymore? I wonder how much shark fin is actually in this dish.

Steamed Chicken (P50.00)-a great dish. Little chicken bones, juicy moist chicken meat! The ginger makes this very flavorful.

Steamed Hakao (P55.00)-The shrimp pieces are plump. Dipped in a chili sauce, this is really good.

Regular-sized Wanton Noodle Soup (P75.00)-5 big pieces of wanton + a good amount of noodles. Broth is a little bland so add condiments if you can.

When you order on the phone, the customer representative will ask you how many chopsticks you need and what sauce you like. I asked for Ginger Sauce, Chili Sauce, and Sweet and Sour Sauce.

They pack their food in microwavable containers (except for the fried wantons which was in a brown bag) but you have to add P2 per container. Quick tip: if you want to save, you can ask to have similar dishes be packed together, i.e. pack the Sharksfin Siomai and Steamed Hakao together.

Delivery line: 234-6786

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  1. Mm I adore dim sum. This sounds like a delicious place to order from!


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