Friday, July 15, 2011

Girl's Night Out Dinner @ Ila Puti, IT Park Cebu

Friends are God's apology for relatives - Hugh Kingsmill 

So this is what God was thinking when he decided to give me these 2 amazing friends in lieu of sisters. I met RY and LA on our fourth year of High School. In fact, we were seatmates, and yes, we were apprehended several times for talking too much! LOL What do you expect from 3 16-year olds seated together during boring classes in an all-girls Catholic school?!? At 25 (and one is now 26 hehe), we are still the same chatty 16 year olds. The 3 of us like to go out and have dinner once a month to catch up with the very exciting life happenings. This month's dinner was super duper special one as we were celebrating RY's birthday.

LA & the birthday girl RY ☺

LA and I agreed we would share the bill and we had originally thought of going to Blue Elephant at The Walk in IT Park. I got there first and found out that there was a private event inside. If we were to eat there, we would have to eat outside and that did not appeal to either one of us. We finally agreed to have dinner at Ila Puti, which is somewhat symbolic in our friendship. This is where we celebrated RY's baby shower 3 years ago when we renewed our friendship (we lost contact for a while) and started these monthly dinners.

My first reaction to Ila Puti was how hip and trendy the place looked. When did this renovation happen? I've always loved Ila Puti but that was more in regard to the food, the place's design was just blah, forgettable. But now, it looks so hip and bigger too! They kept the same square footage area but it seems they can fit more people now! On the left side of the restaurant, there is a bar/cashier area. Service has changed too. You don't need to pay-as-you-order at the counter anymore. Like most restaurants, you are seated and a server assists you at the table.

The place was packed when we got there and we were lucky to get a good table. It took me a while to register the changes, even the menu looked embellished. Has it been that long since the last time I've been here??? Hmm, I'm counting 18 months.

Kari Kulkarni (P165.00)

I graduated from my usual Stroganoff order and got the Kari Kulkarni. New place, new me. The dish was well-served. The beef, tender. The sauce, slightly spicy but good. My only problem was with the rice. The concept of tomato basil rice was great and it was well-proportioned (even too well-proportioned for one person). But the rice itself was mushy and I don't particularly like mushy rice! I wonder if it was because of the type of the rice they used or the way it was cooked (whether intentional or not), but if I can I'd like my Kari Kulkarni with another kind of rice the next time please.

Grilled Chikari (P220.00)

LA got the Grilled Chikari, which looked very similar to my dish except the meat was grilled chicken. RY got a taste of both of our dishes and she mentioned she liked the grilled chicken but my sauce. LA's tomato rice looked exactly like mine, but I didn't hear any complains from her.

Pasta Puti (P220.00)

RY's Pasta Puti arrived and I eyed her bowl. It looked attractive, served with 2 breadsticks, but the portion looked awfully small. Sorry Birthday Girl! ☺ I looked at the orders at other tables, most of them rice dishes and they looked well-served too, so maybe it's just with the pasta dishes.  

Note to self: If you're hungry and ordering at Ila Puti, don't get pasta! LOL

Joy Juice "The Fruity Alcoholic Drink" (P299.00)

We were ordering our drinks and I coyly suggested on maybe getting something alcoholic. We are celebrating a birthday, right?! We asked the server and he suggested the Joy Juice. The drink arrived with 3 shooter glasses. Isn't the color of the drink festive? ☺ It was good, but as we were finishing the bottle, it became intensely sweet. Need water please.

I really do like the new interior, with plants and wall decors. They even managed to put a working comfort room! I remember the baby shower 3 years ago, being 6 months pregnant, and having to make several bathroom breaks at the coffee shop next door! That wasn't fun! Ila Puti's new addition is a joined comfort room, but hey it's a comfort room!

Throughout dinner, there was a band playing just outside of the restaurant's entrance. The music was slightly loud and clashed with the music indoors, but we managed to chat our hearts out nevertheless. ☺


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