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Taj's Guesthouse @ Boracay, Philippines

Taj Guesthouse in Boracay is located at Station 2 fronting the white beach. It is a 5 minute walk from D'Mall going to the Boracay Regency side. When you reach the E. Pascual Store there is an alley. Enter it. There is a series of guesthouses you can choose from. We stayed at Taj Guesthouse, not by choice and here's how it went.

Last January, my In-Laws and I took a family trip to Boracay. We looked for an accommodation that was cheap but comfortable. After several hours of internet research, we decided on Tan's Guesthouse, which is located in the same alley as Taj's. Our stay was wonderful as everything went smoothly from reserving the rooms, paying them, checking in, and checking out. It was an overall excellent experience.

About a month ago, I was asked to look for an affordable accommodation for 2 days and to blog about it. We were planning on Boracay Regency Resort as usual, but it's not exactly what you would call an affordable place. I was able to convince Dad and MR to stay at Tan's with me. Dad's only condition was to get a ground floor room. I called Tan's Guesthouse and asked for a Deluxe Room on the ground floor. The person who handled my reservation was JEANETH. We exchanged text messages, we talked on the phone, and emailed each other several times. After a couple of bumps, I was told that no ground floor deluxe rooms were available at Tan's Guesthouse, and JEANETH transferred us to Eriko's Guesthouse (apparently the guesthouses located in the alley work and help each other). I agreed, emphasizing that I needed a ground floor room. She assured me that it was. I made my full payment via bank transfer here in Cebu so we were good to go. All that was lacking was our arrival. Two days prior to arrival, I sent an email to remind her of our pending arrival and flight details she replied saying that although our flight arrival was early morning, check-in is at 2pm. OK.

So imagine my surprise when we arrived at Tan's Guesthouse and found out that the room JEANETH had booked for us was not on the ground floor but on the second. I looked at the stairs and they were too steep for Dad. Dad was fuming mad. I felt guilty because if it had been his choice he would have stayed at Boracay Regency Resort. I was fuming mad as well. I looked for JEANETH only to be told it was her day-off. GREAT! *sarcastic mode*. The person who received us was JOY. A very friendly man who unfortunately had no idea what JEANETH had done. I explained to him what I was upset about, even showed him emails JEANETH and I exchanged where she had confirmed the ground floor room. He made calls here and there but could not work anything out. What he ended up doing was transfer us to Taj's Guesthouse which is a just a few steps away. Miraculously they had the 101 room empty.

Taj's Guesthouse's room are priced the same, P2,000/night on low season for a deluxe room. Except this came without a plated breakfast. But JOY at Tan's gave me a full refund of their rooms to pay Taj's and offered free breakfast for the two days. That worked fine with us. We wasted 2 hours on this matter and I felt bad for JOY who had to pick up JEANETH's unprofessional ways. It was only after we were settled in our room that I remembered why her name was so familiar. It turns out people have been complaining about her and I had read about that last January. Here's the link:  Tan's Guesthouse . I also met a family who had problems with her the day before and were only given their room at 6pm! They were able to ask for P500 discount off their room. I never saw Jeaneth during our stay and had no desire to. I did go back to say thank you to Ms. Joy when we left. I strongly suggest that if you book a room at Tan's Guesthouse, ask to talk to Ms. JOY or Ms. CRIS (she handled our stay last January), both women are friendly, accommodating, and easy to talk to.

Anyways, enough about that and let's focus on the room. The Deluxe Room has 2 double beds, which can accommodate 4 persons. During the low season, rooms are P500 cheaper than during the high season.

The rooms are air-conditioned.

There is cable television, safety deposit box, and a 24 hour standby generator. I will not comment on the generator as there was no use for it during the 2 days.

We never got to use the deposit box either, but the cable television and air-condition worked great.

There is also a personal refrigerator, but unfortunately it wasn't working. There is also free wifi although signal is intermittent.

Our room's front door
Unfortunately, I have no photos of the bathroom. I don't know how I missed that. The bathrooms are comfortable and clean. There is running hot and cold water. They also give you free soap bars, no shampoo and conditioner though. There is also a laundry service which we availed. At least 2 kilos of clothes for P75. Our cleaned clothes were ready to be picked up after 24 hours. There were loud construction work going on in the guesthouse parallel to Taj's, but we could barely hear it from inside our room.

There are also in-house services such as airline ticketing, transfer, sea sports activities, land tour, and ATV/bug car.

Taj's Guesthouse reception area

When it comes to payments, I'm not sure how it works as we made our payments through Tan's Guesthouse. I personally recommend that if you are interested in Taj's Guesthouse, call them or send an email. And keep all documents: receipts, emails, confirmation number, and anything else you can think of!

*I highly recommend Taj's Guesthouse for vacationers who are on a budget. The location is perfectly in the center of the beach and is walking distance to food and the bars at night. At the entrance of the alley, there is a convenience store and on the other side, there is an affordable restaurant. If you wish to ride a tricycle, you can walk to D'Mall and ride from there. This is a great place for couples, families, and solo travelers as well.

Station 2, Front Beach
Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, 5608 Philippines
Tel. Nos. (63)(36) 2880468, 288-5695
TeleFax No. (63)(36) 288-4973
Mobile # (0920) 919-6509


  1. Hi,

    Stayed at Tan's this February. It was an awesome stay. But this person JEANETH was very rude whenever we call her during reservation I actually planned to back off and cancel our stay because she's nowhere friendly or accommodating and that's over the phone. What more on person. I suggest if you'll book with Tan's again talk to CRIS or NET they're the owners and managers of TANS. Because if it's JEANETH oh well, she will ruin your vacation. And yes thumbs up for MANONG JOY. He's our driver to and from KLO to Boracay. Sayang ang TANS, my MOM even mentioned before na dapat itrain si JEANETH kasi she lacks customer service.

  2. another JEANETH incident! Ugh! Dapat itrain talaga! I went online and read a lot of complains about her, but I wonder why is the management not doing anything about it???

    1. yah.. youre right Idont like that girl also. she tranfer on spa i saw hem there last week.i get massage on stoudio

  3. eeek! I was hoping that after a year things would have changed! Guess not...

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