Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Pantry at The Gallery, Cebu

After dinner at The Corner Table, we decided the night was too young to go home just yet. We headed next door for desserts at The Pantry. Ice cream cakes, yum! ☺

The Corner Table at The Gallery, Cebu

I've always wanted to try The Corner Table ever since I heard about the place. I understand that it is connected with the cooking school that's also located in the same building and that it serves good Spanish food. But I have to admit that this wasn't our first choice for dinner tonight. Originally, I wanted to go to David's Steakhouse at Mabolo and try their Eat-All-You-Can Steak promo, but since we were 3 persons we were denied by the person I talked on the phone with. Apparently to avail of this promo you need to be in even numbers (2,4,6,8 persons). I was bummed, but still wanted to go out. We talked about going to a couple of places in Ayala Center, but I realized that this was our chance to try out The Corner Table in The Gallery.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Buttered Corn and Tomato

I'm guessing that you are familiar with the usual side dish of Buttered Corn and Carrots. These are usually sold and found in frozen sections of supermarkets. They are precooked and frozen. In restaurants, this is usually paired with meats like fried chicken or baby back ribs. The dish I made today is another variation of corn used as a side dish, but instead of the carrots I used tomatoes. I love corn and I love this dish. You can really tell the difference between frozen and fresh vegetables.

Grilled Beef Slices

Inspired by the delicious grilled beef with had at Tajimaya, I bought these beef slices to make something similar at home. I saw a pack at SnR and got one right away. I love the meat in SnR! But I made the mistake of not reading the tag properly and this was Sukiyaki cut, which is thinly sliced beef. To copy what we had at Tajimaya, we needed beef slices slightly thicker though. But I went ahead with the original plan.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Steamed Shrimps, Avocado, Tomatoes, and Onions with Leftover Dressing

So I mentioned in yesterday's post that I made too much Blue Cheese-Yogurt Dressing and would most probably make something else to finish the dressing. Here it is. Another quick-fix salad. ☺

Metal Mulisha

Shopping is one of my favorite activities. Well, who doesn’t love shopping, right? I love shopping, but I love shopping most for myself and my daughter. For the house too. And that includes all types of shopping. Shopping in stores is my cardio work-out and lets me test my people’s skills, but in the recent years, I’ve started to dabble with online shopping too. Online shopping is seriously gaining popularity as it is very convenient! And I like it. Well, any kind of shopping is always good.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Tomato, Mushroom, Egg, Corn, Bacon, and Romaine Salad with Blue Cheese-Yogurt Dressing

We didn't go to my In-Laws' house today as they were busy with other activities. So I made dinner tonight, but I guess I'm not used to cooking on Sundays because 6pm came and I felt too tired to cook. So I settled with making a simple mixed salad. The magic of making a salad is just mix and matching with whatever I have in the fridge and pantry.

Sunday Lunch @ Tymad Bistro, Cebu

The morning after I had dinner with KR, Dad was all questions about the new French place we went. How French is it? How's the place? The service? Variety of food? But most importantly, how good is the food? Very. Very good. Very good. Good. Very very good. Short but meaningful answers and he was convinced to have Sunday lunch at Tymad's Bistro. This has been a very crepes-filled weekend I tell you.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

SM's Crepe Maker & Crepes Day

KR (read previous post if you still don't know her) is not only my good friend, but she is also SM's Godmother. A couple of weeks ago (when she just got back from France), we went out for coffee at a mall and she asked me what she could get SM for her third birthday. We were just going through a store and I happened to see this Crepe Maker toy that SM mentioned she really liked. I mustn't have been looking at it closely because I thought it was a playing dough sort-of-toy.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Tymad Bistro, Cebu

*photo taken from Tymad's facebook page (click here)

 I told you about my good friend, KR, right? ☺ Well, she's back in town from a trip to France. Actually, she's been back for a couple of weeks now and this is our second time to get-together. But she still had lots of France stories to tell me! And where else to do that, but in Tymad Bistro, the newest French place in town.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Buffet Style: Ding Qua Qua, JY Square Cebu

Thursdate ♥ MR and I are pushing through with our plans for a weekly date just the two of us. SM and Dad stay at home babysitting each other, while my husband and I try out restaurants we want to explore. In June, I bought 2 online coupons for dinner buffet at Ding Qua Qua and until now we never had the time to use it. I had forgotten about it until I went through my emails and realized that this coupon was ending in September. This was now or never. So we went.

Getting Your Feet Pampered!

There are 2 things that I love today! One, I love these websites that sell groupons! And two, I love my husband for buying for me! When groupons first started with deals in Cebu, there wasn’t much we were interested in. But now, they have food coupons in restaurants, which is a big plus especially with my food blog! There are also travel coupons. Again, great for my blog. But lately, there’s been a lot of groupons available for beauty salons. I’m not a frequent visitor of hair salons and massage parlors, but I am an avid manicure and pedicure girl.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shopping Bag: Sugar Bowl Bakery - Petite Brownie Bites

We finally got the chance to go grocery shopping at SnR Membership Shopping. I think I might have been a little more than excited because the bill was way higher than I had budgeted. Oops! LOL. But it's good because I had literally nothing left in our freezer, refrigerator, and pantry!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Husband's Cooking: Lechon Sisig

I was done with the Lechon leftovers which I turned into Lechon Sinigang Soup, but I still had the head of the Lechon in our freezer. Normally, I would have given it to our male helper who likes the head and turns it into a pulutan of sort. This time, MR asked me to set aside the head for him because he wanted to experiment with it. Little did I know, he was thinking of turning it into Lechon Sisig.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Vanille Cafe and Patisserie, The Terraces at Ayala Center Cebu

This Monday afternoon, we found ourselves in Ayala Center Cebu to meet-up with a friend, HA. We made plans to meet up because she had a gift to give to SM. Unfortunately, they weren't able to attend SM's birthday party because her daughter wasn't feeling well and was hospitalized! Poor baby. Thankfully, she is now out and from the looks of it has recuperated well. HA was so sweet to think of giving SM a gift. We also had to meet-up so she could give me our tickets for the Disney Music Festival happening in town late September. Excited we are! ☺

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Lunch @ Choi City Restaurant, BTC Cebu

A week after our last Choi City affair, we were back here again! Can you believe that? LOL. I guess when we like a place, we really like it! ☺ And I got to use the coupons worth P350 they gave us. So instead of paying P1,635, we paid P1,285 only. But they gave us another coupon worth P100 so guess where we're coming back to eat soon? Choi City? You got it! Hehehe. ☺

Saturday, August 20, 2011

GOOMBAH Opening Night, BTC Cebu

After work and dinner, some friends, MR, and I headed to the opening night of Goombah. Goombah is the newest restaurant and hang out place in town. And most importantly, the only barcade in Cebu! I love the concept of the place, with their games (Pacman!), because it's an easy atmosphere to hang out at. I might be a little biased because I happen to know the owners, two very artistic and creative individuals, but even if I didn't know them I'd come here. ☺

Friday, August 19, 2011

Delivery: McDonald's, Cebu

We were home alone today. SM and I. MR had a rehearsal for tomorrow's ECCE HOMO presentation at the Sto. Nino Basilica. Dad had a meeting the whole afternoon and I had no if he was coming home for dinner until he called me up at the last minute to tell me he was having dinner with us. I was hesitant to order delivery from McDonald's considering that the last time we ordered was less than satisfactory. But we did.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sinigang na Lechon / Roasted Pork Sour Soup

Lechon leftovers are usually made into Lechon Paksiw or Fried and paired with a dipping sauce. I am sick of Lechon Paksiw and Fried Lechon. So I decided to try to make Lechon Sinigang, which I read a lot about online, but wasn't quite familiar with. I don't even know of a restaurant in Cebu who makes Lechon Sinigang. But the concept sounded so delicious and simple so I decided to make it. Plus nothing better than soup on this rainy night, right?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Shopping Bag : Dragon Fruit

After a few days of eating out and ordering food, I realized there wasn't much in our refrigerator and pantry! The last time I went grocery shopping was weeks ago, before we had our Boracay trip. Except for the leftover lechon, we pretty much had nothing.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lamesa Grill, Northwing at SM Cebu

Opening SM's birthday gifts almost took the whole morning to do. Actually, it would have if we had cleaned up, but there were so many boxes and wrappers on the floor that we just left it there for the meantime. Part of her gifts were gift certificates from SM. I felt like going out today rather than staying in so we decided to have lunch out first and then go shopping with those gift certificates. ☺

Monday, August 15, 2011

Alejo's Lechon, Cebu

I feel like a Filipino party is never complete without Lechon Baboy / Filipino Whole Roasted Pig. While attending parties or fiestas, the Lechon is the first thing I will look for at the buffet table. I'm sure a lot of people feel that way too.☺

Sunday, August 14, 2011

SM's After-Birthday Party @ Home

After the children's party at Jollibee, family and close friends came to our house for dinner. This was a bittersweet dinner party as it marked the end of a fabulous week. Tomorrow, MR's family were leaving to go back in Davao and life will be calm and back to normal once again. Like they say, everything good has an end.

SM's Birthday Party @ Jollibee, F. Cabahug St., Cebu

I started to plan for SM's kiddie party about 3 months ago. I had lots of ideas for different kinds of parties for SM, but after she announced that she wanted JOLLI-CAY (Jollibee + Boracay) for her birthday this year, I had to erase all previous plans. Truthfully, Jollibee at F. Cabahug Street was not my first option. Our first venue was Jollibee at Gaisano Country Mall because it's within minutes to our house, but in July they decided to cancel their parties. I was left to find something else quick. All I knew was that I didn't want a venue at a mall (too far to bring the gifts to the parking area) and the places are always so full! But not all Jollibees outside of malls cater parties. Thankfully, we found the branch at F. Cabahug Street. I knew right away it was perfect!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dinner @ Choi City Seafood Restaurant, BTC Cebu

We decided to have a private dinner to celebrate MR's confirmation plus SM's birthday for our family and close friends. There was only one place with had in mind: Choi City Seafood Restaurant. I have to admit it is currently high in our favorite restaurants in town. Plus, they have function rooms on the second floor which is perfect for the private dinner affair we were planning.

Confirmation Ceremony + Lunch

This morning we found ourselves at Archbishop Palace in Cebu for my husband's confirmation ceremony. Why it is only now that my husband who is 27 years old is getting confirmed is a long story. And this is one of the main reason why we didn't get married in Church. But he finally arranged to have his confirmation now and just in time too as his aunts and uncle are in town to be his witnesses.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Day Out with the Kids + Davao Fambam

MR's family from Davao arrived in Cebu yesterday to celebrate this weekend's festivities with us. His uncle, 3 aunts, and 2 young cousins. And we are all excited for them to be here! This means that this week is gonna be filled of fun and laughter. As part of SM's birthday gift, my sister-in-law and one of MR's aunt decided to spend one whole day out and around the city, doing stuff kids love to do. Unfortunately, I couldn't go because I was swamped with work, but MR and SM sure had fun!

Thursday, August 11, 2011 : Camden Yards, Baltimore Ravens, and Home Depot Center Tickets has tickets for Home Depot Center as well as the NFL Baltimore Ravens, and the Home of the Orioles Orioles Park at Camden Yards.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tajimaya Charcoal Grill at Crossroads Cebu


Today, my daughter is turning 3 years old! 3 years old!!! Time sure flies fast! Three years ago, I was having an emergency c-section and was at the scariest point of my life. Fast-forward to three years later and I have this playful little munchkin running around the house, talking so much, and being the joy of our lives.We have soooo many activities for her birthday this year! Starting with our family trip to Boracay and in a couple of days MR's family from Davao is arriving in Cebu. But for SM's actual birthdate, we went low-key. A day going on kiddies rides and playing games + a family dinner.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Shopaholic's Corner : House of Sand and Fog Book

Two days into our vacation, I finished the book I brought along. I saw the Boracay Books sign and was excited to see what kind of books they had. There was so much to choose from and the prices were reasonable. Most books were used as they are open for trade, so pick wisely.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pasta a la Aria - "Pasta Amatriciana"

Pasta a la Aria is technically Pasta Amatriciana. I just named it "a la Aria", after the wonderful pasta dish we had at Aria in Boracay. That dish has made an impact on me and I guess you can say that I miss Boracay. Husband and I have talked about the possibility of trying out the "island life" for a month, but that's just a dream. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Affordable Places to Eat at When in Boracay

Eating out everyday costs a lot. Unless you're a star and a celebrity, there's no problem, But if you're more like an average person like me, budgeting is the way to go when in vacation. Especially when you're on a trip like this where you have no choice but to eat out every day. Sure we had expensive meals and we skipped meals, but we also searched for affordable places to eat at!

Shopping in Boracay

Like eating, shopping was inevitable in Boracay. It was hard not to as everywhere I went I saw something I wanted to buy. But every one of those times I was also with my husband who hates shopping. I did manage to buy some things. ☺

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bad. Worse. Worst. - An Open Letter to Cebu Pacific Air

To Whom It May Concern:

On August 5, 2011, my husband, my father, my daughter, and I had tickets to fly to Cebu from Caticlan. At around 10AM, we arrived at the Caticlan Airport. It was raining and windy. Upon check-in at the airline booth, we heard that the Manila flight that was before ours was just canceled. I asked the staff what was the status of our flight, but was informed that there were no new updates and flight was a go. We waited at the boarding area of the airport.

Going to Cebu from Caticlan - August 5, 2011

Our return to Cebu started when we were told by the Regency Lagoon Resort Boracay that they could not accommodate our request for airport transfer. Don't worry, this was my fault. I prayed for good weather on the morning that we leave and it never came. I asked the front desk for the airport transfer at the last minute and unfortunately they were already busy. Right after breakfast, we finished dressing up and packing our bags. At 9:00AM, we checked out of the resort and silently said goodbye and thank you to the island.

Breakfast Buffet at Regency Lagoon Resort Boracay

Today is our last day in Boracay. And this is our last breakfast buffet. It's gonna be a while before we get to do this again. Hayyyy! Dad skips breakfast again because we have to leave the hotel at 9:00AM; our flight is at 11:40AM. 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Welcome Drinks @ Regency Lagoon Resort Boracay

In between dinner and going to sleep, we decided to get our welcome drinks from the Regency Lagoon Resort. Since having excellent and original welcome drinks at Boracay Regency Beach Resort, I have a new perspective on these drinks. Before, I wouldn't give a deal thinking it would just be a cola or iced tea, but who really knows anymore.

Sababi at D'Talipapa, Boracay

Dinner at Talipapa is not as cheap as many would think. But you will definitely get good prices for fresh seafood. Seafood, nowadays, is not as cheap after all. Sad.

Halowich at D'Mall, Boracay

So now starts the last series of Boracay entries and this is in dedication for our last Boracay afternoon snack. This is a special post because this is SM's treat to her grandpa. Last January, MR treated us and his family to a huge bowl of Halowich. SM, along with everyone else, loved it! Since then, she's been bragging about Halowich to my dad and promising him to buy him a bowl in this trip. I thought it was perfect for our last afternoon in Boracay.

Regency Lagoon Resort Boracay - Deluxe Rooms

We are given Room 224, which is a Deluxe Room on the second floor of the left building. It is nearest to the elevator. It's a nice room. ☺

Regency Lagoon Resort Boracay

*Taken from the Regency Lagoon Resort Boracay official website (Click Here)

Our going home to Cebu was delayed and we were staying in the island one more day. Unfortunately, there was no more place for us at Boracay Regency Beach Resort. I tried asking the front desk upon check-in, but it was fully-booked! We had no choice but to change resort. Once again, I looked up the Agoda website for help. I initially thought I wouldn't find something cheap as it was so close to the check-in date, but I found a pretty good deal at the Regency Lagoon Resort Boracay, which is a sister-company of the Boracay Regency Beach Resort.

Welcome Drinks at the Lobby Bar, Boracay Regency Beach Resort

Because we had to change resort for our last night, we packed our bags right after eating breakfast. Our stay at Boracay Regency Beach Resort came with 4 Welcome Drinks. So after checking out of the resort, we lounged at the Lobby Bar to have our Welcome/Goodbye Drinks. We delayed getting the Welcome Drink thinking that they were going to serve the usual cola drink or iced tea. Little did we know.

Breakfast Buffet @ Seabreeze Cafe, Boracay Regency Beach Resort

It's another morning and we wake up happy and hungry! Thankfully, we are having another breakfast buffet.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Hap Chan at Boracay Regency Food Plaza

As soon as we got back from Happy Hour, it started pouring hard. But it didn't affect us that much as Dad had asked me if we could try the Chinese restaurant in Boracay Regency Food Plaza, Hap Chan. For a Frenchman, he likes Chinese cuisine a lot! I believe that Hap Chan also has branches in Manila and this one in Boracay is the newest one. So with umbrellas in hand, we went down to have dinner.

Happy Hour at Juice Bar Plazoleta, Boracay

In lieu of going out at night (which we didn't do a lot!), we went for predinner drinks today. Just in time for Happy Hour too, where drinks are half-off! ☺

Jonah's Fruit Shake, Boracay

It was only on this trip that I found out that Jonah's has another branch in the island. I was only aware of the one at the beach facing Willy's Rock. And it was on one of our highway walks that we found their other branch. I'm not sure if there is a third one though. 

Time on the White Beach @ Boracay

While having breakfast, the sun came out. Not just a tiny portion of the sun. The sky was clear and the sun was in full attendance! And then I thought, what a wonderful morning to spend on the beach and sand!

Breakfast at Seabreeze, Boracay Regency Beach Resort

After 2 days of having plated breakfast, it was time for a good old sit-down buffet breakfast! We were excited! I don't like waking up early and I don't like to eat breakfast but I was up at 5:30 this morning to have the most important meal of the day! Let me show you what we had.

Out at Night in Boracay

My biggest regret in this Boracay trip is that my husband and I didn't go out at night that much. As much as it pains me to say, we were never able to go listen to acoustic music at Bombom, which is a personal favorite of ours. Going to Boracay when we were single is very different from going to Boracay as a family. Even with our personal babysitter (my dad), MR and I were both physically exhausted at the end of the day!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mang Inasal at Talipapa, Boracay

Mang Inasal is not an uncommon sight in Boracay anymore. While there is no fast food chains, Mang Inasal has estalished branches in the island's "malls" (that I've seen). I'm not sure about the rest of the island though. Having toured D'Mall a couple of times now, we thought it was time to visit the Talipapa. Mang Inasal at D'Mall is usually really full all day long, but it seems Talipapa's branch is not a busy and we were able to seat right away.

East Wing Pool & Bar @ Boracay Regency Beach Resort

After a hot steaming bowl of soup, we were finally good to go swimming at the resort's pool. The 3 minute walk back to the resort gave us enough time to rest our tummies and when we finally found the east wing pool, we were excited!

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