Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tajimaya Charcoal Grill at Crossroads Cebu


Today, my daughter is turning 3 years old! 3 years old!!! Time sure flies fast! Three years ago, I was having an emergency c-section and was at the scariest point of my life. Fast-forward to three years later and I have this playful little munchkin running around the house, talking so much, and being the joy of our lives.We have soooo many activities for her birthday this year! Starting with our family trip to Boracay and in a couple of days MR's family from Davao is arriving in Cebu. But for SM's actual birthdate, we went low-key. A day going on kiddies rides and playing games + a family dinner.

I made reservations ahead so when we arrived for dinner our table was ready for us. I saw that this is indeed a popular place as even at 6:30PM, the place was full. We went into the restaurant bringing SM's birthday balloons (she wouldn't let go!) and I guessed that's where the staff figured that we were celebrating a birthday. A very friendly attendant even gave a small Sanrio gift for SM. It's a small gesture, but it's the thought that definitely counts. And we were surprised to be given free scoops of ice cream for dessert! A very good surprise which the four of us enjoyed much!

MR and I went for the eat-all-you-can grilled meats. This is at P350 per person, which I think is a great price for unlimited meats. Rice and drinks are excluded. Dad skipped the grilled meats and preferred to get a Ramen instead. Tajimaya does not have Ramens, but their sister-next door-restaurant does. So you can order from their menu, but pay separately. Tajimaya accepts major credit cards like American Express, but their next door Ramen restaurant does not (only Visa and Mastercard).

Within minutes,our table was filled with several sauces and plates. Bring on the food!

Chicken Thigh

Pork Belly

Fish Balls

US Prime Beef


Dad and SM share a Ramen in a soy sauce based broth. It had pork slices, Japanese egg, vegetables, and nori. I tried and although it was good, I want to order the Miso based Ramen next time and maybe with a spicy kick.

They have the option to upgrade your Ramen meal. If you add P150, you get a bowl of plain rice and 3 pieces of Gyoza.

After several attempts trying to eat here, I am so glad that we finally decided to push through with our plans. I instantly fell in love with this restaurant. We used to go to a similar place in Mabolo (in fact we celebrated an anniversary there once), but there is no comparison between the two. The Mabolo place may have more dishes to offer (it is also slightly more expensive), but Tajimaya is more about the quality over the quantity. They have lesser dishes in their grill-all-you-can, but everything is so great. Personally, I could just go to eat the beef and be contented with that! And I love love love the accompanying  sauces! It's so perfect to my taste buds. The ambiance also is so much different. When you enter the place, you know that it's a grilling place, but you don't smell it! And it's not hot, which is a big plus. The place is airy, cool, and doesn't feel cramped at all. And by the way, they have a second floor for private functions/parties (I'm not sure how many people they can accommodate).

To more dinners at Tajimaya in the future! *burp* ☺

*Our total bill amounted to P1,600+ (with 2 plain rice and drinks for four) 


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