Friday, September 2, 2011

Pick-Up: Casa Verde, IT Park Cebu

Another one of those lazy days when I don't feel like cooking. So instead of slaving away in the kitchen, I asked MR to pick up dinner for us. We've picked up dinner at Casa Verde a dozen of times now and it's always been a smooth transaction so naturally we ordered from them again tonight. I don't need to be tired and cranky too!

The process is really easy. I just called their branch, ordered for pick-up, and told them that my husband would pick it up as soon as possible. As soon as possible is usually 10-15 minutes. It's pretty convenient for us since we live 5 minutes away from IT Park. Always make sure to ask and jot down the name of the person you talked to on the phone. And ask for the total payment too!

David Dean's Tenderloin . I ordered this once, a long while back, and it was amazing. The combination of the fried onion, toasted almonds, and sauce with the mashed potato marked me. But since, every time I ordered it again it was always disappointing. It was the same thing today. I think I'm gonna let go of the David Dean Steak dream and just order something else from now on.

On the other hand, Brian's Ribs was excellent as always. I asked for harvest rice to go with it, but they ran out, so I went with the mashed potato.

SM's favorite, Seafood Carbonara. SM loves it so much that she can finish the whole dish by herself. Plus it has her favorite mushrooms too.

Dad ordered a Club Sandwich for himself. That already came with fries.

But he still ordered an extra order of French Fries! ☺

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