Sunday, October 9, 2011

Buffet-Style: Mikado @ Mahogany Court, Cebu

When I came home and bragged about my cooking class and making Ebi and Ika Fry, MR and Dad decided they were in the mood for some Tempura.  I was still full from the food I had earlier at Ramen Kamekichi, but I told them I'd go with them. So where do we go to eat unlimited Ebi Tempura? Mikado, that's where! ☺


Mikado has been in town for a while now. I remember when they were still somewhere in Mango Avenue. I'm not sure if it was their first branch, but I've never visited it. We started coming at this present branch at Mahogany Court when they started their eat-all-you-can buffet. One of my favorite drinks is their Mango Shake, which I ordered tonight.

SM and I started our meal with a bowl of the Miso Soup with Tofu cubes and a sprinkle of Spring Onion. There was also a noodle soup in the buffet, Sukiyaki, but I found it too sweet for our taste.

One thing I never miss to visit, the Sushi Station. Love! ♥

SM loves Crab Sticks and Salmon Sashimi. I also get a little Tuna Sashimi and Maki paired with Japanese Soy Sauce and Wasabi.

I was still full, but I try to get a little of each dish. In my plate, there is Japanese Spaghetti (I don't know what makes it Japanese), Pork Loin Strips, Chicken and Potato Teriyaki, a little piece of the Spicy Salmon Head, Mongo Sprouts, and Beef Teppanyaki (my fave of the buffet).

I enjoy all of that with a bowl of Japanese Fried Rice I share with SM. This is much better Japanese Fried Rice than the one I had a couple of nights ago.

Dad and MR gave in to their craving and indulged on a huge plate of Ebi Tempura. SM manages to grab and enjoy one piece.

Desserts is quite simple, Banana Fritters, Fruit Salad, and some Fresh Fruits. I am so full that I can't manage to eat any of these goodies. The dinner buffet costs P440 per person excluding drinks. I gotta say that from what I remember the lunch and dinner buffet are pretty similar except for the price and that the dinner buffet has the addition of Salmon Sashimi. That might have changed since the last time I've eaten the lunch buffet there though and that's a great reason to come back! ☺


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