Saturday, June 15, 2013

Asian Mangoes

For 16 Euros a kilo, these did not come cheap, but when I saw them, I just knew I couldn't home without some. I first asked the lady for two pieces thought, "oh no if I eat them tonight I won't have anymore tomorrow", then asked for another one, and when I saw there was only one more left in the basket, I asked her to just give me everything. She laughed and said, "you must really like mangoes!". I laughed back - don't you know it!!!

These mangoes aren't from the Philippines. If you are Filipino, you know this just by looking at them. These are leaner and have a sharper end. They are from Thailand. Taste-wise, it is very similar and these babies were finger-licking good. They are from the same variety, unlike the ones I find in supermarkets here in France, which are usually from South America or Africa. I find that those are similar to the Mango-Apple Fruit or the bigger version of the Indian Mangoes back home, which have a sorta medicinal aftertaste I am not too fond of. At one point in my life, I used to live in Guadalupe in Cebu, Philippines and the place was known to have the finest mangoes in the Philippines! It's moments like these where I bite myself and ask, why didn't I make the most of what I had!


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