Saturday, June 15, 2013

Kermesse in Verny, France

A Kermesse, in France, is a fair / festival that is usually associated with school and children. It is also otherwise known as a "school fete". When I saw the road sign that said that there was a Kermesse in Verny,  I thought it would be a great idea for us to go. SO's school wasn't having any Kermesse this year,so this was the perfect opportunity to go to her first Kermesse. A day filled of games, sweets, and fun!

We arrived right after lunch. The weather was perfect. Not too hot, yet not too cool. We walked around to see what was set up. Outside, I saw tables, chairs, and game booths. Based on my experience, this was smaller than I expected, but then again the town I grew up in France was also bigger, hence more parents-volunteers and more booths.

So before doing anything else, we had to buy ourselves some tickets. I was surprised to see how cheap the prices were. A game ticket was at 0,50 Euros or 4 Euros for 10 tickets.

Prize claiming section.

First stop: Cotton Candy! :)

Then we were off to the fun booths.

Many game choices, but SO spent the afternoon in her favorite booth: the fishing for prizes booth! She made sure to get her prize every single time.

Table and chairs for the diners.

And an outdoor bar!

We came in after lunch, but we didn't have dessert at home. I assumed that the parents association would have a dessert table and I was right. Again, I was surprised to see how cheap the prices were. A slice of cake/pie was sold at 0,50 Euros (they are usually sold at 1-2 Euros in events like this).

We left with the last 3 pieces of Chocolate Cake, which were deliciously moist. The perfect end to this perfect day! :)


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