Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lunch in the Garden - The Day Our Neighbor Got Robbed!

OMG, let me share with you the day we had! It was unbelievable. Okay, so it started pretty normal, just like a regular day. I checked the weather today, saw that it would be super hot, and thought it'd be great to have lunch in our garden. A lunch of Baked Cordon Bleu and a Green Beans Salad. Lunch went well and at 1:30PM, MR and I walked SO back to her school. On the way there, I saw a young man walking on our front neighbor's grass and I thought, "I guess PA has company." We went back home and I settled into my work papers. And that's when it started.

I was nose-deep into my work papers when our bell rang. Several times. MR went to answer the door and he came to get me. He said something about our front neighbor, not understanding what he was saying, and something about showing me his house. WHAT?! So I went to see him at the door and between his excessive hand gestures, fast talking, and walking in circles, I understood the words - I got robbed, the insides of my house are turned over, 1:30PM-2:00PM, and did you see anything? My first thought - the young man walking on his grass! OMG, I guess he wasn't a friend! We called the police. He thought the robber might still be inside and I saw him go inside with 2 friends carrying wood bats. Within minutes, the police arrived. A dozen police cars. Policemen running around the property, fingers on their gun. Helicopters in the sky. One policeman came to get my testimony - the star witness. The experience was so surreal, like a scene from the movies, except the actors were us!

Lunch in the Garden - prior to the robbery and chaos!

Lunch is served: Baked Cordon Bleu and Green Beans Salad


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