Saturday, July 6, 2013

BBQ-ing at Home

The sun was out. A little breeze teased us from time to time to cool us down. SO's miniature pool was ready, so was my barbecue grill. We had everything to enjoy ourselves and so we did! It was a really calm and enjoyable end-of-the-day moment. We bought SO a mini-pool which has a slide and water jet, so it was triple the fun for her. SO has always loved the water! And while MR was going back and forth the kitchen and garden, I was assigned to man the barbecue grill. MR and I bought a rather small grill, but it was cheap and it does the work just fine. Our dinner was the perfect cherry on top of a wonderful family afternoon! :)

The last time I went grocery shopping, MR asked if I could pick up some pork to try on our new grill. Pork is sold really cheap here and it costs about one-third of the price of beef or even turkey/chicken steak! These Pork Steaks were beautiful and I marinated them in a Filipino marinade - Filipino soy sauce, vinegar, smashed garlic and black pepper.

Grilling on the ready barbecue grill. It was my first time to do this from scratch, and I think I did pretty good.

While I was busy with the meat, MR was busy with preparing our dinner table. Simple, but full of colors.

After 30 minutes of grilling and turning from side to side, the pork steaks were ready. I did make sure it was fully cooked through by setting one aside and slicing it with a knife. It was perfect, moist, and tender!

Dinner is served: Grilled Pork Steaks and Buttered Corn


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