Sunday, July 21, 2013

Center Parcs - Domaine Les Trois Forets in Hattigny, France

Yesterday morning, DO called me up to ask what we were up to today. I told her I was taking the break to clean the house and wash our clothes. I also told Dad that we wouldn't visit him. She asked me if we would be interested to join them in Center Parcs in Hattigny, France. She has friends from Paris who are visiting for the weekend and she thought it would be fun to bring them there. Center Parcs are touristic hotel domains that are all over Europe. The one in Hattigny, le Domains des Trois Forets, is the fourth domain in France. It occupies an area of 435 hectares of forests and greens. It is said to be the biggest of Europe. A couple of years ago, DO celebrated her birthday there and we've talked about going a weekend together some day. Maybe that's why she thought about me and asked if we'd like to join her and her friends. She told me about an ongoing promo, wherein you pay half price if you enjoy their facilities from 5PM to 9PM. I hesitated at first, but finally told her we'd join them. 

MR and I arrived a little after 5PM. We assumed that everyone else was inside already.

The scenery was beautiful with its luscious greens and surrounding water. This was nature in its finest!

We didn't really know where to go. I was excited to go swimming, but we enjoyed strolling around the outdoors taking photos and seeing the activities offered.

Once inside we were welcomed into a tropical home.

While I asked for directions to Aqua Mundo (the swimming pool), MR wandered around and took more photos. He's a big fish admirer, so he was happy to find that there were fish ponds.

After a couple wrong turns, we finally made it inside Aqua Mundo. Unfortunately, our camera didn't (we couldn't bring it in), hence the reason why I grabbed a photo online. Just a little tip - bring a 1 Euro coin with you. You will need it to have a locker, which will be returned when you go home. Aqua Mundo is the place to be for fans of swimming and swimming pools. I know that our 4 year old daughter was super happy here. The area was huge. There were lots of people, lots of tourists, but it didn't feel like we were crammed in. The area was divided into different divisions - a large pool with waves, the pool with the slides, the children's pool with the water playground, the riviere sauvage / wild river, and the outdoor pool. The slides closed early at 7PM which was a bummer, but we really enjoyed the riviere sauvage. It was slightly hard at first, but once you got used to it, it was really fun!

While DO and her friends went out of the pool before 9PM, we took advantage of the amenities until the very last second when everything was closing. To say we had fun is an understatement. After our little afternoon in pool paradise, I can't help but be excited for that little weekend we talked about!

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