Saturday, July 27, 2013

Cora Cafeteria in Cora Metz Technopole, France

Busy day today. When I had one of Dad's doctor on the phone yesterday, she told me that Dad was most likely staying the weekend in their hospital. But I got a call this morning by his main doctor and he told me that everything was going great concerning Dad's renal system and ultimately the thing that needed to be worked on was his heart. He was afraid that if the needed intervention wasn't done on his heart soon that the kidney would start acting up again. In short, Dad's kidneys were not coping well with Dad's heart arrhythmia and the heart shock needed to be done as soon as possible. Fine. So by afternoon, Dad was transferred back to the first hospital where his cardiologist practices. With the transfer and stuff, I told Dad that I wouldn't be able to come see him today. SO was going home this afternoon from her mini-vacation at my sister's house and I needed to buy electric fans for the house in the morning. Lately, the sun has been hitting hard to the point of causing a heat wave. After the pathetic Spring we had, most are rejoicing for this, but I personally think it's too much. Anything beyond 30 degrees Celsius is too much for me. So we headed out for electric fans. But we had to be quick, because after shopping for electric fans and having lunch, we were meeting up with neighbors to clean our town's church at 1:30PM. I told you about our friend, GE's death yesterday, right? Well her funeral service is happening on Tuesday. Since our town's church is rarely ever used anymore (like once every 2 months), it was dirty and covered with dust and spiderwebs all over. It really needed a good clean! I'm happy that we could do a final something for GE. So all afternoon we bent over to wipe the church benches, dusted the dirt on the tall windows, cleaned every corner of the church, washed the floors with water and soap, and laughed about stories GE was best known for!

The search for electric fans was not easy and as luck would have it, we bought the last two! I was thinking of getting 3, but 2 is already good enough. On our way out, I saw that there was a cafeteria right by the exit. With time running out, I thought why not have lunch here. At least, I wouldn't have to cook once we got home, which would have really made us late! The cafeteria was crowded with eaters. I guess this was also my chance to compare it to another store cafeteria, La Poelee in the store Leclerc in Marly (click here for the post) where we recently had a horrible meal.

Couscous (7,00 Euros) - traditional North African dish made of semolina, chicken, beef, and vegetable stew, and a grilled Merguez sausage.

Eating at a cafeteria shouldn't equal to eating bad food. I thought that my plate was hearty and they even gave me an extra bowl of the stew! Thankfully, it was pretty delicious! All it needed was a spoonful of spicy harissa, but oh well, I was contented.

MR had one of the Dish of the Day / Plat du Jour (4,70 Euros)- Turkey meatballs in gravy and Green Beans. Now, the green beans were his pick, but only because he didn't see that they also had French Fries and Mashed Potato. His meal was pretty good, but according to him, if he had to choose all over again, he would have gone with the French Fries. When it comes to food, always pay attention!

And because it's the end of the strawberry season, we shared a bowl of Fresh Strawberries with Whipped Cream (1,90 Euros) for dessert. They were still sweet, but you could tell it was the end of the season. See you next year strawberries! :)


Couscous - 7,00 Euros
Dish of the Day - 4,70 Euros
1 Iced Tea (500ml) - 2,60 Euros
1 Iced Tea (500ml) - 2,60 Euros
Fresh Strawberries - 1,90

Total: 18,80 Euros 

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