Monday, July 8, 2013

Metz en Fete 2013

We were in Metz this afternoon. The four of us - MR, SO, Dad, and I. A friend of mine gave birth to a little baby girl recently and I wanted to get her cute little outfit. We're right in the middle of the summer sales, so I thought I could take advantage of that. And why not do a little shopping for ourselves as well? I eyed a pair of black ballerina shoes for Autumn, but I hesitated to get them at the last minute. As I write this, I am starting to regret my decision. LOL. Isn't it like that all the time???

In the Centre-Ville of Metz, walking is your only option.  Once in a while a bus or police car will pass us by. We let our feet take us anywhere they'd like to go.

Then I read the sign Place St. Jacques on the side of the street.  I remembered TH telling me there was a place with really good Italian ice cream. I turn around and see this above. Is this it?

We each get our own cone. While my Raspberry ice cream was every inch of deliciousness I expected, the manner that it was served was a complete different story. The man who served us was borderline rude, did not bother to even look in our eyes as I talked to him, did not smile, and did not talk except to tell me the price! A lot of people lined to get an ice cream - I'm sure they all appreciated his attitude too! *insert sarcasm*

I thought we could walk up to the Marche Couvert / the Covered Market, but unfortunately it was closed. I should have known better as it was already mid-afternoon.

Just beside the Marche Couvert, you will find the beautiful historical Cathedral of Metz. It was beautiful when I saw it back in winter, but without the snow and in broad daylight, it was impressive!

I can't help but think that my Mother-in-Law would have loved to see this!

On the way back to the car, we took the small streets to give us some shade from the sun.

Today was a really hot day. We saw children playing with the city's fountains. Naturally, SO wanted to do the same to cool down from the heat.

While she was doing that, I noticed that the agenda for this summer's events was up. It looks really good and I'm super excited for some of these activities! Concerts, dance, story telling for kids, and many more activities....


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