Saturday, July 20, 2013

Metz Plage - TF1 Concert

We were sitting on the couch, flipping from one channel to another, when I decided to look out of the window. It was 8PM - MR and I were done with our dinner, Eggplant with Chicken Strips (click here for the post), and the sun was still out on this Saturday night. I felt the sudden urge to go out. Get some fresh air. Then I remembered about the summer festivities going on in the city of Metz. Surely, something was up on a Saturday night. I quickly looked for the flyer I got the last time I was in the city. Let's watch a free concert tonight? Why not!

The flyer was pretty useful. It had information on where to park, where to inquire for discounted parking rates, events, and many more. Once in the city, we parked in the Parking Republique and walked across the street to the plan d'eau, which was hosting Metz Plage. After 8PM, parking was discounted to 0,50 Euros - for unlimited hours!

Once out of the parking, we crossed the street to the plan d'eau.

But a little sign and truck on the side of the sidewalk stopped us from going down the stairs to the event.

Glace a L'Italienne / Italian Gelato

MR and I shared a Petit (2 Euros) order of Pistachio and Chocolate Gelato. It was alright.

With our ice cream in hand, we finally made our way down to the plan d'eau.

We didn't really know where to go. We figured that if we followed the sound of music and the people walking ahead of us, it would bring us to our destination.

We were right! After several minutes of following, we saw the banner saying that we arrived at Metz Plage. Yay!

There were already lots of people when we got there, but as the night progressed people left and we were able to settle closer to the stage.

The TF1 concert started with the dancers from the French version of the television show, Dance avec Les Stars / Dance with the Stars.

After an hour or so, this year's winner of The Voice 2 France Yoan came on stage with the first song. MR and I watched every episode of The Voice 2 France, so we were excited to hear the singers perform live.

Along side the winner were the finalists and other participants (Olympe, Marlene Schaff, Valerie, Neil, Dieze..). This was a very talented bunch! They sang good oldies, as well as new songs (Adele, Lana del Rey....).

But the most talented of the group, if judged by the screams and applauds from the fans, was the finalist, Olympe. By the way, he has his own album coming out soon.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes and 20 songs, I thought the night was a hit. We were told at the end of the concert that we were more than 2,000 persons present. I assume everyone enjoyed as much as we did!


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