Friday, July 12, 2013

My Kitchen: Rice Cooker by Silver Crest

Every week we receive brochures from nearby supermarkets and stores. In the brochure I received from the store, Lidl, last week, I saw that they were selling a Rice Cooker by Silver Crest. It's been a while now that we've talked about getting a rice cooker, but never pushed through with our plans. Mostly because we try to cut down on our rice intake. But then again, what kind of Filipino household / kitchen does not have a rice cooker? If there's something I am sure of, it's that almost every Filipino household has a bible and a rice cooker. We have the bible and now, after a quick trip to Lidl, we have a rice cooker too!

For 19,99 Euros, I got the rice cooker I was looking for - small-sized, but good enough to cook up to 4 cups of rice. The rice cooker came with a measuring cup, a cooking bowl, a steaming rack, a scooping white spoon, and a power cord.

We couldn't wait to try it out! We picked up a bag of Thai white rice in the Asian store. I wished there was Filipino rice instead.

Two cups of rice is a lot for just the three of us (Dad doesn't eat white rice) so that will be adjusted. But I'm happy to see that my new rice cooker is working perfectly!

Yuuummmmm!!!! :) I have plans for you later. I think you'll do great with the dish I'm preparing later!

Update: As of August 5, 2013 this rice cooker is not working fully well anymore. I am not recommending it! 

Update: As of January 5, 2014 this rice cooker is not working AT ALL. 


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