Friday, July 26, 2013

Perle d'Asie in Metz, France

Oh gosh...I don't know where to start. Pause. Breathe. Okay. As part of our current daily routine, we were getting ready to visit Dad in the hospital. SO's 5th birthday is fast approaching (in 2 weeks!), I sent out invitations earlier this month, except for one, our neighbors who were already gone on vacation. But I heard they were back in town so I thought we could drop their invitation in the mailbox. CE was standing in his front yard when we stopped by, we talked and he told me that it would be his daughter's pleasure to attend SO's birthday party, ..... and then he dropped a huge bomb.

"So did you hear about GE?"
"No," I answered, leaning closer, "what happened?"
"She's dead."  OMG. What?!? NO!

GE, our friend, neighbor, and fellow member of our village's organization succumbed to internal hemorrhage caused by a car accident last Monday. :'(

A brief moment after that, MR and I left CE with heavy hearts and told him that if there was anything I could do, I was here. I felt like I was floating, like I was in a bad dream. Dad could tell something was wrong with me during our quick visit. I told him I wasn't feeling well.

Earlier today, MR showed me a flyer he picked up in the streets a couple of months ago. It was a flyer for a new Japanese restaurant in Metz that offered eat-all-you-can Sushi. On our way out of the hospital, I thought of going straight home, but MR asked that we go ahead with our original plans of dining at Perle d'Asie. I don't think I've ever seen him this excited to eat Sushi.

The plan was to park at the Parking Coislin and then walk to the restaurant. I printed out a map to guide us. Unfortunately, on the way we found that the access road to the parking was closed. I drove a couple more meters and found another parking. I figured that since it was near the first parking, we wouldn't have much more to walk. Fortunately, it turns out, it brought us even closer to the restaurant. We just had to walk about 5 minutes from the parking. Next, the tricky part was finding the restaurant. We walked twice in the same road before realizing that we were right there. It's so dark that you have to be in the opposite side of the road to clearly see the signs.

We were the first customers. Not a good sign when it's 7:30PM on a Friday night and there's no one. Two more tables were later occupied but that was it.

Perle d'Asie prepares eat-all-you can dishes. When you sit down, there is a place mat that serves as an ordering menu. There are 2 choices: 12,80 Euros for lunch and 18,90 Euros for dinner. For +1 Euros, you have 3 desserts and for +5,50 Euros, you can order 3 kinds of Sashimi or an Assortment (Salmon, Tuna, Sea Bream). Dinner is slightly more expensive because there are 10 more dishes available. You can order up to 5 dishes at a time, but it's unlimited so don't hesitate to order. There are many choices starting from Temakis, Makis, Sushis, Fried Dishes, Yakitoris to Side Dishes and Steamed Items. Just make sure to eat all the dishes you order as there is an implemented fine for unconsumed food.

Evian water - 4,80 Euros

I asked for water and I was disappointed that they gave me a 1 liter bottle of Evian water. Again another establishment that does not provide their client with a pitcher of free water. Tsk2x.

So we gave our first 5 orders. While waiting, we prepared the sauces. Japanese soy sauce with lots and lots of wasabi!!!

The restaurant was clean and spacious. The owner / chef prepared the sushi as they were ordered right behind the black bar.

Salade de Choux - cabbage salad with rice vinegar. Love!

Riz Nature-Japanese steamed rice

Sushi Oeufs de Saumon-my first time to try salmon eggs. Love!

Sushi Tartare Saumon / Salmon Tartare-good, but kinda bland. This needed a good dip in my soy sauce-wasabi sauce.

Crevette Sushi / Shrimp Sushi

Saumon Sushi / Salmon Sushi

Beignet de Poulet / Fried Chicken-chicken was moist, tender, and very crispy. Thumbs up!

Canard Laque / Lacquered Duck-this was not what I expected. This is not Lacquered Duck, but it was good nonetheless. The duck was served in a brown sauce with sauteed bean sprouts.

Temaki a la Crevette-with shrimp, avocado, rice, and nori
Maki Royal-with crabstick, avocado, salmon, rice, sesame seeds, and nori

Salade d'Algue-edible seaweed salad, also known as Wakame Salad. I asked the owner what it was and he showed me the bag of the ready-to-serve salad he served me. The seaweed was crunchy to the bite and was flavorful without having a strong sea taste. The first few bites I loved, but afterwards it was too much already.

Massago Maki-with rice, avocado, nori, and covered with masago or capelin roe

Surimi Avocat Temaki-with crabstick, avocado, sushi rice, and nori

Ailes de Poulet Yakitori / Boneless Chicken Wings Yakitori-very tender and moist grilled chicken with a sweet and salty sauce

Saumon Yakitori / Salmon Yakitori-perfectly grilled salmon with delicious sweet and salty sauce

Assortiment a la Vapeur / Steamed Dimsum-my deception of the night. I found them to be bland and ordinary. I'd like to bet that these were store-bought rather than homemade. And isn't this more Chinese than Japanese...?

Nems au Porc / Fried Pork Spring Roll-again, I think these were store-bought. MR insisted on ordering this, but I thought we could have passed on them.

Raviolis Japonais Grilles / Gyoza - sadly, this was ordinary. I've had way better.

Nouille Sautees au Boeuf / Sauteed Beef Noodles-the best of the night went to MR. At this point, I was filled up to the throat, but I looked on and waited as MR ordered his last dish. He certainly left the best for the last. Based on experience, the noodle dishes I've had in restaurants here are usually simple with little to no ingredients. They are usually dry and really bland. These noodles here were the total opposite of all of that. The pieces of beef strips were very tender as well.

It felt so good to eat Sushi tonight - it's been a long time! But eating at an eat-all-you-can tricks one to overeat. Which is why MR and I found ourselves taking the long way to the parking, even stopping by here to admire the view, trying in vain to start burning off some calories.


2 dinner menu - 18,90 Euros x 2 = 37,80 Euros
1 Evia (1L) - 4,80 Euros

TOTAL: 42,60 Euros

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