Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday Night, BBQ Night

I don't remember if I mentioned here that we got back news from MR's French language exam. And it's good. It's really good. He passed with flying colors with a score of 89,50/100 on his exam. We couldn't be any prouder of him! Learning a new language at our age and taking a government-required exam is not an easy task. But he did it and we excitedly picked up his diploma today. It suddenly felt really real when we had it in our hands. As we sang our lungs out in the car ride back home, I decided to stop by the grocery store. I had no idea what to make for dinner tonight, but I thought to myself, "hey, it's a warm summer day - why don't we have a barbecue in our garden?"

We bought some prepared beef cubes sticks and an assortment of mini sausages to grill.
I thought the beef cubes were a little too big in comparison to the flimsy stick. Next time, I'm making them myself with good beef from my brother-in-law.

I prepared a Cucumber Salad with a Creamy Vinaigrette.

And Buttered Corn.

I am the official barbecue expert of the family. *bow*
These turned out really moist. I loved the mini sausages!

Dinner is served: Grilled Beef Cubes, Grilled Mini Sausages, Cucumber Salad with a Creamy Vinaigrette, and Buttered Corn


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