Friday, July 19, 2013

Shopping Bag:: Carte D'Or - Sorbet de Fraise / Strawberry Sorbet

My head is spinning. Yesterday early morning, Dad called me urgently to tell me he was being rushed to another hospital that specialized in the renal system. I could feel my heart beat fast. I had to sit down on the nearest chair and breathe. Minutes later, a nurse in charge called me to confirm that Dad was leaving their unit to go to another hospital. His renal system was failing and it was catastrophic. He had to undergo an emergency dialysis. Morning passed without further news and I was a wreck. It's so hard to be in the dark. I finally got updates in the afternoon. I was told the name of the hospital and where he was staying - in the Renal ICU unit. And I got hold of Dad. He told me that they found water everywhere in his body - his lungs, his abdomen, and his feet. It's really bad! I told him yesterday I wouldn't come visit him so he could relax and really rest. SO is with her cousin, so it was just MR and I who visited Dad today. He looked better, but not totally fine yet. I hope it'll just get better from now on. *fingers crossed*

Even though I got to see Dad today, my heart is still aching. It doesn't help with the news of Cory Monteith's death. I loved him in the television show, Glee. I can't help it but see death all around me. And to pick myself up, I thought I'd console myself with my favorite Strawberry Sorbet / Sorbet de Fraise by Carte D'Or. I'm a huge fan and I'd pick this over chocolate anytime!

The best part are the sliced strawberry pieces mixed in the sorbet. I love it!!!

Shopping Bag
Item: Carte D'Or - Sorbet de Fraise
Price: 2,99 Euros
Store: Super U in Remilly, France


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