Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Amorino Gelato in Thionville, France

In the afternoon, MR and I went to see Dad at the after-care hospital. I brought him everything he needed to last him a week - pajamas, shirts, underwear, towels, and pants. I also made sure to buy some recreational items like reading and activity books to pass the time. He was happy that we came over, but then again he's always happy to see us. After our visit, MR and I took a stroll around the shopping district. There were several restaurants that looked interesting, but what really caught our attention was a gelato store. The number of people going in and out of the place inspired us to go in too.

For 5,50 Euros we got the medium-sized cup (good for 3 flavors).

MR got Chocolate, Cookies and Cream, and his ultimate favorite Pistachio.

I got Pistachio and my ultimate favorite, the flavor of the month, Cassis or Blackcurrant.

I love creamy Amorino gelato!!! <3

On a hot day like today, you can always find people lining up for ice cream. But always look out for long lines, those might be worth waiting for!!!

For contact details, please click here.


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