Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ateliers Cuisine, Miels et Mirabelles pour Enfants - La Fete de la Mirabelle 2013 in Metz, France

We were just done enjoying our lunch (packed sandwiches and fresh mirabelles) and I went looking around the Marche des Saveurs. Majority of the stalls were selling local products, then I saw the sign above:

Ateliers Cuisine, Miels et Mirabelles pour enfants.
Cooking Class, Honey and Mirabelle for children.

I asked the person in charge if it was free (just to be sure), she said it was. I asked SO if she would be interested, she nodded, not as excited as I was, but still open to the activity. Sure, if it was about swimming or dancing, she would have jumped in the air, but I'm happy that she was willing to try it out.

The set-up and one ready little girl

Cooking is my passion. It always has been, since I was a little girl myself. I'm not sure if it is the same for SO, but she was super duper proud and happy of her work.

Feuille de Brick avec Miel et 3 Mirabelles


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