Friday, August 23, 2013

Cold Stuffed Tomato with Tuna

"Ca casse le moral". 

I got news this morning. News that I didn't want to wake up to. Unfortunately, our training that was supposed to start on Monday has been postponed for at least 3 weeks! WTH?! 3 Weeks!!! Something about technical problems and supervising issues. Yeah right. I have a nasty feeling about all this. I've been on this job offer for about a year now. It's a good position, has great benefits, and it's the perfect opportunity for me, but I sense that they might not know shit about running the place and the recruitment. I can't say that I'm upset. Upset is too weak of a word to describe what I feel. I had everything prepared - from the stuff I would bring to meal plans at home and for me and our daily schedules with SO and school. It's devastating. And to hear about this early in the morning just ruined the rest of the day for me!

We're in deep tomato season right now and at the grocery store I see boxes after boxes of different kinds of tomatoes. For today's recipe, I decided to grab 3 big Tomates a Farcir, tomatoes to stuff.

Slice off the top and with a spoon dig out the tomato meat. Transfer the tomato meat to a bowl. Season the insides of the tomatoes with salt and let it rest for at least 1 hour. Remove any extra water in the tomatoes. Set aside.

I make my own mayonnaise, but store-bought is also good.

In the bowl with the tomato meat, add a can of drained tuna flakes.

Add the mayonnaise. Season with salt and black pepper, if needed.

Stuff the tomatoes with the mayonnaise mixture. Sprinkle with diced chives, if desired. Chill before serving. Enjoy!

Dinner is served: Cold Stuffed Tomato with Tuna and Potato Chips


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