Monday, August 12, 2013

Couscous, Mussels, Tomato, and Arugula Salad

I came up with this recipe one evening when MR and I came home after a long day out. I had nothing prepared and it was too late to go out. I stuck my head in the refrigerator and pantry to look for whatever could work for a quick dinner. I found leftover steamed couscous, arugula salad, and a bottle of marinated mussels. This would be great for a salad. I just had to add some diced tomatoes to finish it off. Not only for flavors, but also to bring some color. I really loved this salad, which is why I decided to make it again today and post it here. I find that the bitterness of the arugula balances and goes well with the sourness of the marinated mussels.

Mussels marinated in white vine with diced onion.

Prepare some couscous grain, let it cool, and transfer to a serving bowl.

Drain the bottle of mussels. Throw away the white wine. Transfer the mussels and white onion to the bowl.

Dice 2 red tomatoes and transfer to the bowl.

Then add the cleaned Arugula salad.

Finally, prepare your vinaigrette. 1 part vinegar, 3 parts oil, salt, black pepper, and salad seasoning.

Add the  vinaigrette to the salad and mix together well. Serve and enjoy!

Dinner is served: Couscous, Mussels, Tomato, and Arugula Salad


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