Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fonzie American Diner in Thionville, France

Lunch today was a late one. Around 11AM, Dad called and said that we had to come see him immediately because the administration needed to talk to me about putting the television in his room. In other words, I needed to give her a check as a guarantee or no television for Dad. I hate to be rushed like this, so my mood was a bit sour! As soon as we got there, I politely told the secretary what I thought of their policy and rushing the significant others like that! It's just for a television, for crying out loud! And it's not like Dad can run away from the hospital with the remote control. Putting that aside, Dad looks to be doing good. I wonder if the doctors are gonna keep him a month as suggested by his cardiologist. He loves that we are visiting him every day, but I gently reminded him that we won't be doing that. It breaks my heart to tell him that, but life in France does not permit it. Between having work, taking care of a 4 year old, and everything else, I can't afford to run to all sides like I have no responsibilities. And sadly I can't afford to pay a full tank every 3 days. Perhaps some won't understand what I mean and say that I've changed since arriving in France, that I've adapted the lifestyle here, and maybe it's true, but those who have lived abroad and were in a situation similar to mine know what I'm feeling right now. But perhaps I am the one judging myself. To lessen the guilt of not being with Dad from morning till night every day, I call him every morning and every night. It's not the same as a visit, but it lessens the guilt and reassures me.

Lunch at Fonzie American Diner with a very welcoming Abraham Lincoln.

"You, yes you! Get in here!"

There was no way I could have missed the restaurant's theme. Eating in Fonzie American Diner is an experience beyond the culinary aspect. The flashy colors, the couch seats and table, the server's uniform, the mini arcade, and decors. Everywhere I looked, I had something to look at and it made the time waiting for our food pass like a flash. I really loved the ambiance, even with the Happy Days overload. And it's not every day I get to eat with the famous likes of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, the cast of Happy Days, and Abraham Lincoln!

The menu told us stories of important events for Fonzie of Happy Days and the story of how Fonzie American Diner in France came to be. Once you opened the newspaper-like menu, we had 2 pages to choose from and there was a lot to choose from.

I was looking forward to eating a good American Caesar Salad (9,90 Euros), like its creator Caesar Cardini invented it. I think my face fell to the floor when I saw what I was served. Sure, the presentation was beautiful (it was served in a huge taco, but sadly the taco was stale), but it wasn't what I expected. I didn't care for the tomatoes and the poached egg in it. Oh well, at this point I was just hoping it would taste good.

The salad wasn't bad - I think my failed expectations made it worse than it was. I was hoping to find a creamy dressing, but instead this was more like a regular vinaigrette. The one thing though that I really did not like was the poached egg. It was served really cold and while the egg yolk was runny, the egg white was hard and rubbery. Blehhhhh!

MR couldn't make up his mind. First, he wanted a burger, then it was a wrap, and finally he settled with a bagel.

Hot Mexican Bagel (8,80 Euros)
-sesame bagel, marinated chicken filet, salsa, tomato, US crudites, corn, and French fries.
--> The corn was nowhere to be found and is the US crudites, the green salad? 

Coke (7,00 Euros/for 2) to wash away our food.

SO had the Hotdog Kids Meal (6,50 Euros) which I didn't take a photo of because it was just a hotdog bun with a hotdog. Her meal also came with a drink and a scoop of ice cream sprinkled with smarties (photo above). They also gave her a a little toy.

MR and I wanted to share an ice cream. But I saw what the ice cream desserts were served at other tables- several scoops of ice creams were in tall glasses, overloaded with whipped cream, syrups, and nuts. I knew I couldn't do it. Plus I was eyeing the little section for Ben & Jerry's ice cream in the menu. My favorite is Cookie Dough, but I thought I could try a flavor I've always wanted to try - Chunky Monkey. I thought it would be really concentrated in Banana flavors, which I'm glad it wasn't. I still prefer Cookie Dough though.

Chunkey Monkey (1 scoop, no whipped cream) - 2,50 Euros

Look, they deliver at home! Hmmm...I doubt they would deliver to our house though.


2 Coca 500ml - 7,00 Euros
1 Hot Mexican Bagel - 8,80 Euros
1 Caesar Salad - 9,90 Euros
1 Hot Dog Kids - 6,50 Euros
1 Ice Cream - 2,50 Euros

TOTAL: 34,70 Euros

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