Friday, August 2, 2013

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Semecourt, France

My Sister-in-Law knows how much I've missed eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken, or better known as KFC. We were chatting one day when the sudden craving hit me and I couldn't stop talking about it. There's so much I crave from back home, but I knew that this one could be solved. Unfortunately, the nearest KFC is about 40 kilometers away, passing through the highway. My Sister-in-Law works and lives in Qatar and she tells me that everywhere she looks she sees a KFC (kinda like the Philippines and Jollibee). Lucky gal! I don't see myself going 40 kilometers out of my way - fuel is expensive!!! But on the way home from visiting Dad today, I noticed a sign that read Semecourt. I remembered that this was the place where the only KFC in the area was. As you probably guessed, there was a little detour before going home.

The ordering and dining area was clean, but I had to use the bathroom and that was beyond dirty. The stench was horrible! I did my business pretty quickly because another minute in there and I would have been puking my intestines out!

1 Together Bucket Original - 18,30 Euros
(4 pieces original chicken, 2 choice of sauce, 2 large French Fries, 6 Chicken Tenders, 2 Unlimited Softdrinks)

When I told friends from back home that I ate at KFC the first thing they asked me was "how does it compare to the one back home?" I have a lot of friends who are currently living all around the world and their questions turned into a discussion about the KFC establishments they were able to try outside the Philippines. Unfortunately, a lot of them were disappointed, pointing out that ultimately nothing could beat our KFC back home.

I was warned that the food in KFC France was greasy. But I actually thought it wasn't. Maybe it depends on the establishment. Unlike my friends, I thought the chicken was pretty good - not greasy and not too salty! I'm gonna try the spicy chicken next time.

Now, about the sauce. I had a taste and did without afterwards. Perhaps we chose wrong.

KFC craving = check! Now the only thing missing was a cup of rice! :)

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