Sunday, August 25, 2013

La Parade - La Fete de la Mirabelle 2013 in Metz, France

Now this is what we came for today - La Parade. With a circus theme, the parade started at 3PM in La Place d'Armes in Metz and we were super excited. From what I understood it would go around the city and later come back to its original point. We found the perfect spot at the starting line and had a great view of the festivities. The parade was circus-themed and so the floats were decorated in the shapes of circus animals and shows. They were all done with flowers and it was amazingly impressive! It must have needed a lot of work and attention and we were left in admiration! Never mind that it was cold and windy, this was so worth it!

L'Humain Canon / Human Canon

Les Giraffes

Le (Help?!?) - oops, I forgot

Les Phoques / Seals

Les Clowns

Les Acrobates

Les Jumbo's

La Reine et ses dauphines de La Fete de la Mirabelle 2013

Cool outer space guy

The army men brought the music on! 

Last but not the least, a close-up of the Queen of the Mirabelle festival. Not a really good pic of her, but I swear she's really pretty!


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