Sunday, August 25, 2013

Marche des Saveurs - La Fete de la Mirabelle 2013 in Metz, France

So after hearing mass, the four of us walked out to see what was happening outside. A few steps away from the Cathedral, we found Le Marche des Saveurs, or the Market of Flavors. With our packed lunch on our backs, we had to settle and sit down somewhere and I knew the market would have tables for us. Seeing that we were celebrating La Fete de la Mirabelle, I was also 100% sure there were Mirabelles for sale (the perfect dessert to our lunch), but I also wanted to check what else was being sold.

Artists were hired to entertain the people. When we went in, they were pretending to be knocked out. LOL!

Le Marche...

...with lots of local products. Here you have artisan cheese from a local farm.

Mirabelle products - jam, alcohol, dried, juice, biscuits, and many more.

There was also fresh Prunes and Mirabelles straight from the tree.

Fresh fruit juices

A woman was selling fresh crepes, while another had homemade ice cream. The ice cream looked really good, but it was too cold and windy today so we passed.

Micro Garden

Eating area

Making fresh fruit juices. Nice!

No Lorraine household is complete without some Mirabelle.

Fresh Apple-Mirabelle juice. Not overwhelming sweet. Yum!

Mirabelles for 3 Euros. Expensive compared to the regular price! But we get a pack anyways and they were excellent!!! :)

More entertainers until the parade started.


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