Sunday, August 25, 2013

Metz Cathedral in Metz, France

Today was all planned out. We were coming to Metz to celebrate La Fete de la Mirabelle with the people of the city. I knew today was the celebration day, but I looked online to see what exactly was happening. Marche des Saveurs, La Parade, and Fete Foraine were scheduled. Since most events were happening near the Cathedral of Metz, I searched to see the mass hours. Sundays in our family are not complete without attending mass. Today was going to be special though because it was our first time to attend mass at Saint-Etienne de Metz or Metz Cathedral.

The first time I walked in the Metz Cathedral, I was in awe. Actually, the outsides already had me in admiration! But the instant I walked in, I was wrapped in a comforting warmth. There's so much history here, that I don't know where to begin looking at.

Saint Etienne de Metz or Metz Cathedral is located in Metz, the capital city of Lorraine, France. It is a Roman Catholic church whose history goes way back. Construction started in the year 1220 and finished in 1550!

Metz Cathedral is also nicknamed as the Good Lord's Lantern / La Lanterne du Bon Dieu. This is so because it has the largest expanse of stained glass in the world (6,496 square meters). These are the works of great Gothic and Renaissance master glass makers. My photos do no justice; it's a beautiful sight to see!

Metz Cathedral is also known to have one of the highest naves in the world. What is a nave? A nave is the central approach to the high altar. It's not the highest in France, but 41.41 meters high is impressive.


More stained glass - the back of the church

A guided visit is offered on scheduled time. Unfortunately, today is a Sunday and the service was not offered. For a little price to pay, you get to visit the underground of the church and if I read correctly, the church's secret treasure! That's definitely something to check out!

For contact details, please click here.


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