Thursday, August 1, 2013

My Favorites: Croquant Chocolat from Picard

The first time I bought this dessert, Croquant Chocolat from the store Picard, was a risk. I served it as the only dessert for my birthday / Dad's birthday and invited DO and TH for dinner. DO is a chocolate-lover and based on the photo and description, I thought it would be perfect. But it was a risk. A risk which paid off, because every forkful I had was a burst of sinful sweetness in my mouth. We all felt the same way. The second time I bought it was when I served it for Christmas Day. Present that day were the big guns, French women who cooked food all their lives and knew what they were doing. The men invited, as well. This again passed with flying colors and got excellent raves. The third time I bought this was for New Year's and this time it was just the four of us. It was as perfect as it always was and ultimately became a family favorite that day! Which is why nowadays we almost always have one in our freezer at all times. You simply defrost it by transferring it to the refrigerator 4 hours before eating. MR thought this would be the perfect anniversary dessert and he was so right! :)

Let's dissect this dessert. It has:
-Chocolate Mousse
-Crunchy chocolate and hazelnut
-Almond Biscuit
-Cocoa Velvet Top

Croquant in English means crunchy while Chocolat is chocolate. So it's a Crunchy Chocolate / Chocolate Crunchy. And while the chocolate mousse is perfect, I think that what does it for me here is the crunchy chocolate and hazelnut. And the combination of the layers together. So good!

Picard has 2 sizes available. A small and a big one. The one posted here is 275 grams, costs 5,75 Euros, and is said to be good for 3 persons. I think you can stretch it to 4 persons, unless you're big chocolate and dessert eaters. The bigger version is 600 grams, costs 10, 95 Euros, and is good for 6-8 persons.

I swear this just melts in your mouth! Perfection! <3

No trip to Picard is complete without this in my bag!


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