Saturday, August 24, 2013

Oeufs a la Neige / Floating Island

I made a recipe at lunch where I needed several egg yolks. Because I hate throwing out food, I kept the egg whites for a later use. I was already thinking of making an egg white omelet. But because I've been in the dessert-making mode lately, I also thought of making Meringues, but ultimately I ended up with Floating Islands. This is a popular French dessert, also known as Oeufs a la Neige, which can be tricky to make. Which is why I used store-bought Creme Anglaise. I thought I'd focus on perfecting my egg whites before tackling the Creme Anglaise. I'm glad I did.

Transfer the egg whites to a bowl. Add a pinch of salt. With an electric hand beater, I beat the egg whites.

Slowly add a sachet of vanilla sugar and continue to beat until really firm. You can tell they are ready when you turn the bowl over and the eggs don't move.

Bring a pan of water to boiling point. Lower the heat until it just simmers. Add tablespoons of egg whites in the water and cook for 4-5 second on each side. More than that and you might end up with overcooked egg whites that are hard.

Carefully transfer to a plate and let it cool completely.

In individual bowls, pour some Creme Anglaise, transfer the poached egg whites, and drizzle with caramel. Chill and enjoy! :)


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