Friday, August 9, 2013

Parc Walygator in Maizieres-les-Metz, France

Warning: This post contains many many photos. 

Our beautiful daughter turns 5 today and we are celebrating this special day in Parc Walygator. Parc Walygator is located in Maizieres-les-Metz, France, just a couple of minutes away of Metz, France and in proximity of Luxembourg, Belgium, and Germany. It has made news headlines a couple of months ago as it was once again on the verge of bankruptcy, then bought by new investors.  I'm glad that it reopened because it's awesome to have such a nice amusement park nearby.

I never got to see what the old parc was like so there is no basis of comparison. But from what I read online, there have been many positive changes.

Unfortunately, our day did not start exactly right. We arrived for the opening at 10AM sharp, but only got to go inside at noon! Being that today was a Friday, there was an ongoing promo where if you paid 2 adults, you had 2 children's tickets for free. So obviously, there were a lot of families today. I guess the parc personnel did not anticipate that, hence the chaos, lack of coordination and security, and the long wait.

To ease our impatience and pain of waiting, they passed free bottles of water and a musician armed with multiple musical instruments on himself played while walking around us. Sadly, both did not help - we just wanted to get in already!

1 adult ticket (12 years old and up) = 30 Euros
1 child ticker (4-11 years old) - 25 Euros
1 small child (-4 years old) = free

We paid 60 Euros in total because of the Friday promo.
Family Day Promo - 2 adults tickets = 2 free children

There was a big plan of the parc by the entrance, but we also picked up some printed plans to carry around with us.

Main Street with various stores, services, and snack bar.

There were many toilets all over the place. The ones I went in were very clean and waiting period was not long.

Here are just some of the rides in the parc:

Le Mistral


Carribean Boat


Indoor Mini Golf

The entrance of Anaconda

Rivieres Sauvages

Family Coaster

The Monster

Pony Ride. To be able to ride the ponies, you have to pay 4 Euros.

Aquachute. The line was long for this one.

Dark Tower.

Le Canoe

Tea Cup. My favorite :)

Next are some of our favorite places in the parc. Like I said, I have no basis of comparison with the old parc so I don't know if these are new.

MR loves these houses.

I loved admiring the flowers all over the parc.

We packed sandwiches and had a picnic, but there were several food establishments to choose from.....

.....and many many chairs and tables!

This was closed, but I imagine it will pretty cool for the Halloween season.

This definitely will!

At 6PM, the parc was closing its door and we were ready to go. Just right after a little dancing session on stage to the songs of the Smurfs movie, a trip to the gift shop, and a good hot French Crepe! :)

For contact details, please click here


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