Monday, August 5, 2013

Quick in ZAC d'Augny, France


We were at my sister's house yesterday. It was my brother-in-law's birthday and we stopped by to give our gift. I bought him a really nice man shirt from Mise au Green. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see much of him as he was busy all day harvesting the cereals in his field. It was a hot day and we all jumped in the pool. DO asked that we stay for dinner and we left shortly before midnight. Our 4 year old stayed behind and had the time of your life with her cousin at an outdoor fireworks party. She'll be coming back home in a couple of days because this Friday we are celebrating her fifth birthday! Time flies too fast!!!

It's the start of another week. But it's a special week. I remember how five years ago I was carrying a 7 pound baby inside me. My whole pregnancy was smooth until the final days. Those days were the hardest and I was just wishing for the popping day to finally arrive. I was barely showing, even at 9 months, but the extra weight was too much to carry and I had to get up and pee every 15 minutes all day long. Oh the peeing! On those final days, I remember I was busy shopping for the final touches of the imminent arrival of our little angel. These days I am busy shopping for the final touches of our not-so-little angel's birthday party.

MR and I had a fastfood lunch today in between my shopping spree. At Quick -the European fast food chain. I think the last time I was in one of these was in December. We like to eat at fast food chains from time to time, but Quick is never our first choice.

We order:
1 Chicken Wings - 3,95 Euros
1 MR. Giant Menu, Drinks, Potato Wedges, Basil Sauce - 6.35 Euros
1 Long Chicken, Drinks, Greens Salad, Mustard Dressing - 6,95 Euros

Total: 17,25 Euros

Drinks are unlimited. You have your choice of the typical softdrinks, fruits juices, and iced tea.

The Chicken Wings....

....and the Greens Salad with Mustard Dressing are all we enjoy. I guess I know why we don't come here more often.

The indoor children's playground. You can probably guess what was going on in my head while eating and looking at the playground.

"If only SO was here....."

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