Saturday, August 10, 2013

SO's 5th Birthday Party

We celebrated SO's 5th birthday with her friends today. It was a simple celebration, the traditional French children's birthday. We invited her friends to come over for 3 hours of fun and play. MO and DO came over to join us and give me a hand. After taking our breakfast, we took out everything we needed and decorated the garden. The wind picked up and I started getting worried. We tried to decorate the garden the best that we could, but the wind blew some of the decors away. We decided we would just put some at the last minute.

At 3PM, our little guests started coming in. We spent the first hour playing games. French and Filipino games. I think the kids preferred the Filipino parlor games as it was the first time for them to play them.

I brought out the birthday cake I made myself when the kids said they were getting hungry. We all joined to greet and sing the birthday song to SO. She had tears in her eyes when she made her wish and blew her candles. I whispered to her ears what was wrong, she whispered back how thankful she was for everything I did. I got teary-eyed after that. My beautiful 5 year old is a softy. <3

Shortly after eating the cake, MR put on a magic show, something he's worked on for the past weeks. Then SO opened her many gifts. To end our afternoon, we did the Pinata. Kids and candies flew all over the garden. LOL.

SO was given really nice gifts, some I wish I had when I was her age!


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