Sunday, September 15, 2013

Green Beans with Shallots and Cherry Tomatoes

To go with the Roast Beef I prepared (click here for the post), I made Green Beans with Shallots and Cherry Tomatoes. This dish combines two of my favorite veggies and although I prefer popping Cherry Tomatoes in my mouth raw I thought I'd try eating them cooked for a change. Needless to say, nothing has changed and I prefer them raw. I find that they have more flavor. But it was good to try and I might even experiment to make the cold alternative version of this dish to make a delicious cold entree.

In an effort to reduce Dad's salt intake, I've eliminated canned products. I've been buying more and more fresh vegetables which is really a good thing because I love fresh mushrooms and fresh green beans! I find them fine and tastier!

Rinse the green beans, dry off, and trim off the ends.

Steam for at least 20 minutes or until the green beans are cooked. I like my green beans to be cooked through, but with a slight bite.

In pan, heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Add 2 diced shallots and saute.

Add the green beans and tomatoes. Season with salt, black pepper, and a teaspoon of garlic powder.

Add a pinch of dried basil leaves. Cover and let it saute for another 5 minutes.

Stir gently. Serve hot and enjoy!

Lunch is served: Roast Beef, Green Beans with Shallots and Cherry Tomatoes, and Buttered Pasta


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