Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mixed Mushroom Risotto

Today was SO's first day back to school and I wanted to prepare a surprise for her. Anyone who knows us, knows how much SO loves mushrooms. I thought I'd combine 2 of her favorites - mushroom + rice - for lunch today. As you can imagine, she finished and enjoyed a good plate! She regaled us with stories of her morning and after eating lunch, she was excitedly ready to go back for more. MR and I were also amused with our morning. It was after all our first time to experience a first day of school in France (SO started in the middle of the year last school year). We had decided to bring her together to school this morning, but made no real effort with our looks. I mean, we were showered, cleaned, and dressed as we were on any usual day. But we were kind of shocked when we got to school and saw other parents in their best outfits, jeweled up, heels, and with full-on makeup. MR and I suddenly felt under dressed in our jeans, casual shirt, and slippers. LOL.

I love this bottle of mixed mushroom! I buy this in the store, Aldi, and it isn't expensive at all. We're a family of mushroom lovers so I always make sure to have a bottle for a quick pasta or to prepare in an omelet.

In a sauteing pan, heat butter. Saute 1 diced onion and the drained mushrooms.
Add a tablespoon of white vinegar and stir.
Add 2 finely diced garlic.
Season with salt and black pepper. Stir.
Transfer the mushrooms on a plate and set aside.

Add 20 grams of butter to the pan. Heat.
Add 2 cups of Arborio rice and toast until transparent.

Then add 3/4 cups of white wine and 5 cups of hot chicken broth.

Transfer back the mushrooms to the pan.
Stir the risotto from time to time until the rice absorbs all the liquid. Add more broth if needed.

When the risotto is about to be done, add some Parmesan and butter. Stir. This will make it extra creamy.

Season again with salt and black pepper, if needed. Make sure to serve immediately when it's still hot. Enjoy!

Lunch is served: Mixed Mushroom Risotto and Steak


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