Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Kitchen: Food Mill

School is in and so are the birthday parties. SO was invited to her first birthday party of the year today and she had a blast! It was a costume party and originally, she was going to go in her Snow White costume. But as I was going through our clothes,  I stumbled on a Filipino native dress that SO once wore for her school's Lingo ng Wika program in the Philippines. I asked her if she'd like to wear it as her costume today and she agreed. I'm probably bias, but I thought she was pretty cute! My little Donya. <3

In other news, I finally bought myself a Food Mill. My main use for it is to make my Mashed Potatoes. Until now, I was using a potato masher, but the result wasn't as satisfying. The Food Mill makes mashed potatoes which consistency is between the potato masher, electric blender, and the food processor. It purees the food and it's perfect for me!

In case, you're wondering you can use the food mill to remove seeds from cooked tomatoes, puree vegetable or fruit, and even make Spatzle. But I reserve it to make my favorite creamy mashed potatoes time  after time after time!


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