Monday, September 16, 2013

Roast Beef Sandwich

We were left with about half of the roast beef (click here for the post) yesterday. A dozen ideas of what to do with the leftover beef came to mind. But MR came to see me this afternoon and asked if I could prepare Roast Beef Sandwiches for dinner tonight. Sure, why not!!!

I tried my best to slice the beef as thinly as possible, but it still came out a little too thick. I should definitely invest in a really good knife or even an electric knife.

I prepared my Homemade Mayonnaise. Click here for the post.

Assemble the sandwich. You can put whatever suits your taste. I had lettuce, tomatoes, sliced bread, mayonnaise, and slices of roast beef.

Dinner is served: Roast Beef Sandwich


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