Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Soup for the Sick

Unfortunately, my body has surrendered and I am officially sick!!!

It all started last Wednesday when I got rained on. I knew I would be sick with the stress combined, but I thought it would be over right away. It started with the usual sore throat, then runny nose, and finally horrible cough and just when I thought I was getting better, round 2 took off. Now, I am officially sick and will most likely take antibiotics. In the meantime, I decided to make myself my usual remedy - a soup that is known to pick me up and make me feel good instantly. My energy charger.

I make this soup in lots of different ways, usually depending on what I have on-hand. But one thing I cannot miss to add is lots of ginger! While I usually enjoy a warm bowl of my husband's Filipino Arroz Caldo, I like to mix and match too and came up with a beef broth simmered with ginger, mushrooms, carrots, leeks, some of the leftover roast beef, and pasta. My taste buds are not 100% percent functional right now, but the strong flavor of ginger definitely got to me! It was delish. Now if only I could start feeling better by tomorrow - I'm crossing my fingers!  


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