Saturday, October 5, 2013

Fukushima - Restaurant Japonais / Japanese Restaurant in Metz, France

Worse has come to worst and Dad has been hospitalized once again today. Despite his hesitation, I urged him to go to the emergency room because I could see that he was not doing well and it's been that way for the past couple of days. I don't know if his hesitation was based on fear or denial, but I knew that I would regret it if I just did nothing. I guess my thinking wasn't too wrong as the emergency room people decided to keep him. Because the ER was busy, MR stayed with Dad, while SO and I went home. Later in the day, I was informed that Dad would be hospitalized in another cardiology-specialized establishment. As I drove the car, it started to rain hard. The tears that I would not let out of me was felt outside.

By dinner time, Dad was settled in an intensive care unit room. He will rest for now, as I suspect that by Monday he will undergo a series of medical tests. We made sure that he was fine before we left. While SO and I grabbed a sandwich for lunch, MR had nothing and he was starting to feel it. I suggested we have dinner at a nearby restaurant before going home. We went in the first restaurant we saw, which was just by the hospital. Fukushima - Restaurant Japonais / Japanese Restaurant. I later found out that this was the Japanese restaurant I read about online, which is said to be the best Japanese / Sushi place in town and part of the Top 20 restaurants of Metz.

After we ordered our meal, we were given warm towels. I love this kind of attention! It might not be much, but it's always a plus for service.

Japanese sauces.

We were also given real chopsticks. Not the usual wooden ones that you have to split in two. Again, plus points!

Several minutes later, our food started coming in. The menu has a lot of choices to choose from and for our first visit, we ordered our favorites.

I ordered a Menu Chirashi (12,80 Euros), which came with :

Japanese Cabbage Salad - a simple, but refreshing salad with an Asian vinaigrette. I loved it!

 Miso Soup - with bits of pork, mushrooms, and scallions. SO snatched this from me! Hehehehe....

...and my Salmon and Avocado Chirachi. A plate composed of Japanese seasoned rice with fresh salmon, avocado, and sprinkled with black and regular sesame. I am a big fan of fresh salmon, so this was perfect for me.

Another big salmon eater in the family is SO. When asked what she wanted, she immediately pointed at a plate of fresh salmon in the menu. The Salmon Sashimi (8,50 Euros) was fresh and delicious.

We also got an order of Japanese Gyoza (6 Euros). Pot stickers filled with minced meat and cabbage. These were not the best I've ever had, but they were still pretty good.

The low point of our meal belonged to MR. He ordered a Chicken Udon Noodle Soup (8,50 Euros) to fight off the cold of today's rain, but he was disappointed. The chicken was over-grilled and tasted burnt, affecting the broth. And unfortunately, the broth was really really salty. He had to add some of the drinking water to balance it out. Unfortunately, this also cooled down the broth.

I am not in the position to say that Fukushima is the best Japanese / Sushi in Metz as I have yet to try out other restaurants in town. But it is a modern and hip place. It is also really clean. Service is great, although there is one waitress that served us with a frown all throughout the meal, but her male counterpart's smile and friendliness made up for it. The prices are correct, given that making Sushi / Sashimi / Maki is not cheap. The Sashimi we had was extremely fresh, and overall I would recommend this place to any person who hasn't had Japanese food yet, and wants to try out for the first time.

For contact details, please click here. 


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