Sunday, January 26, 2014

Cheese Fondue / Fondue de Fromage

One afternoon I was out grocery shopping, thinking what I could possibly make for dinner that day. Finding meal ideas always seems more complicated for dinner then lunch. I try to avoid cooking meat and eat light at night, but when it's the weekend I like to make an exception. As I was passing by the cheese section, I thought about the Fondue Set LU and AR gifted me last year. I used it once to make a Chocolate Fondue, but other than that it has stayed stored in its box. SO has never had Cheese Fondue / Fondue de Fromage (click here) before. She loves cheese, so I thought she would enjoy it. What I didn't think was that she would it enjoy so much, to the point of climbing on top of the dining table to make sure she gets as much cheese as possible!!!

Our Fondue Set. Perfect for 3-4 persons.

Use preferably old bread rather than fresh. It will be easier to use and a great way to get rid of all that bread leftovers!

Plate of Charcuterie / Cold Cuts - mortadella, bacon ham, and ham

Very important: Peel a garlic and rub it all over the pot. This will bring a wonderful flavor to the cheese.

I have to be honest and tell you that I bought one of those ready-to-eat cheese sachets. It turned out pretty good. But next time I blog about Cheese Fondue, it will be from scratch.

With your individual pick, use the bread to scoop as much cheese as possible!

But before anything, don't forget to prepare your plate. Grab some charcuterie and lots of bread (make sure you can finish what you get though) and then you are definitely ready!

Oh yummmmm! Tell me who can resist this???? I'm not a big cheese-lover, but even I can't!

Dinner is served: Cheese Fondue / Fondue de Fromage


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