Monday, January 20, 2014

Domino's Pizza in Montigny-les-Metz, France

One evening last October, we were hanging out at home, mostly staring at the blank walls. Dad was once again hospitalized. We were only one man short, but our house was much quieter than usual. A glimpse of life without Dad gave me goosebumps and I shook the thought out of my mind quickly. Dinner time was coming up and truthfully, I had no desire to cook anything tonight. Instead, I thought we could go out on this Saturday night, try something new, and maybe that could take us out of this funky mood.

Domino's Pizza is not new to me, but I never got to personally taste it. While movies gave me the initial idea of what Domino's was, this was also a restaurant chain present in the Philippines. Unfortunately, like several chains I wished I would have tried, this was only available in the capital city and not in our beautiful island of Cebu.

Finding Domino's at Montigny-les-Metz was a feat that proved complicated. But after several rounds and turns, we finally found the pizza place. We would have loved to eat "sur place", but unfortunately the place had no tables. This was not a restaurant-type, it was more of an order-and-pick-up place. Boo. I thought we could eat outside under the stars, but evenings these days were starting to be chilly. By the time we found a bench to squat on, our food would have been too cold to enjoy. Instead, we brought our food back home with us which made  the 25 minutes car ride home excruciatingly painful as the delicious scent invaded the car and teased our hungry stomachs!

Buffalo Wings (4,90 Euros) - 8 pieces ailerons de poulet marines grilles.

I love chicken wings and this was the best part of the meal! It just missed a spicy kick.

Saumoneta ( 9,99 Euros for medium pizza) - creme fraiche legere, mozzarella, oignons, pomme de terre, saumon fume, et aneth

La Reine (9,99 Euros for 1 medium pizza) - sauce tomate, mozzarella, jambon, et champignons

Both pizzas were alright. I picked the salmon one, but I ended up preferring the second one. I knew the first pizza had potato slices and I was curious to try it, but I didn't like it. Potatoes on pizza?!? I should have known better. Aside from that, the pizzas were surprisingly not oily, which is a nice touch, but I find that there's something off with their pizza bread.

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