Wednesday, January 22, 2014

MR's Birthday Dinner 2014

The day after MR's birthday, we invited my half-sister, her family, my uncle and his family. I say "uncle", but Tonton AR isn't my real uncle. He's my half-sister's uncle, so we have no actual blood ties, but he's always treated me like his own niece. We owe a lot to these people, especially in the past months, so MR wanted to celebrate his birthday with them. It is really a small gesture in return to the strength and encouragement they have given us.

I planned to do something simple, but today was a long day. We spent the day cleaning the entire house and cooking. I had less responsibilities than usual as MR was determined to make a Filipino dessert on his own. By 7:30PM, everything was tiptop for our guests' arrival and we had a great night.

Unfortunately, I am still not too great with handling hosting duties and taking photos at the same time. Photos stopped after the two appetizers, right before the stress level went up. I tend to get stressed because I want everything to be perfect. I know I shouldn't stress so much, but I just can't help it.

Anyways, let me share with you the 2 appetizers I prepared to start our meal. After that, I was on stress-mode.

Special spiced-bread with dates and raisins topped by Foie Gras and sprinkled with rock salt and black pepper

Jamon Serrano, Butter, and French Cornichons Toasts


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