Saturday, January 25, 2014

Sushi Night with My Girls

Last October, I met a bunch of wonderful people. They were pretty much struggling the same way as I was and I guess this is what really bonded us together. For professional reasons, we were to spend the month together, but our relationship went beyond a professional one. We were a really good group and it's heartbreaking to know that in the end we will not be working together. I had already envisioned in my mind what working with them would have been like. These people touched me because they helped me through my struggles as I was losing my father at the time. And when we had to move, I was overwhelmed with their support and presence. I certainly did not lack in boxes or help! Unfortunately, circumstances have made it that we are currently taking different paths professionally. We left our last day of training with a silent promise to continue with this friendship. And so we like to meet up with each other every once in a while.

Two weeks ago, we met up for a night of eating and dancing and earlier this week, my friend AU asked me what I thought of coming to the city for a sushi night with the girls. There was no hesitation. She knows a really good Sushi place where we could pick up our goodies and come back to her place for the night.

The pick-up Sushi place was named Le Wasabi and it was located in the corner of a calm neighborhood in Metz. I looked up online for more information, but unfortunately I couldn't find anything concrete.

Asian Cabbage and Seaweed Salad (with a sesame vinegar + sesame oil vinaigrette) - I usually love this salad for its freshness. While this was indeed fresh, the vinaigrette was stronger than usual. I personally prefer rice vinegar for this salad.

My Sushi Box. 2 Salmon, 2 Scallops, 2 Tuna, and ...... 2 Foie Gras (one was already in my mouth when I realized I needed to take a photo!)

I loved my sushi box! My favorites were the Scallops. These were super fresh and although I was hesitant about eating raw scallops, I fell in love!

Nowwww, I think you might be wondering about the Foie Gras Sushi. Not at all traditional, but I was dying to try! This sushi had sushi rice, topped with fig confit and a strip of foie gras. I am part of the rare ones who did not fall in love with the foie gras + fig confit (or anything sweet confit) combination. I think I might have preferred this if it was served with onion confit instead.

AU also pre-ordered 3 plates of Gyoza (chicken, shrimp, and vegetarian) which we split. I liked the chicken best, but these weren't to die for. By the time we were home and ready to eat, these were sticking to each other.

I had a great time tonight. The food was definitely not the highlight, but we more than made up for it with our girlish talks and laughs!!!


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