Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lafayette Cafe in Galeries Lafayette, Metz France

We stumbled upon Lafayette Cafe a year ago while we were shopping in Galeries Lafayette in Metz, France. We were on the top floor looking at house appliances on one side and I wondered why there was a room full of people on the other. I never would have thought to find a restaurant up there, so I just had to try it! If Dad was still alive, I'd say there were big chances we'd come back here. But now that he's gone, I wonder if we would. I guess it was more about the fact that it was convenient to drop our shopping bags and dine here when we had Dad in his wheelchair rather than the quality of the food. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't bad. I mean, sure it's a cafeteria-style kind of restaurant, but it's clearly on another level than the other cafeteria-style restaurants in town. Not just from the price, but also the way the food was served and prepared. We ate about 3 times here and there's definitely been no complaints. But now that it's just the 3 of us, I'm thinking I'd probably want to get out and explore.

You have the option to eat inside or outside. It was partly sunny, not too warm, not to cool, with just a breeze of the wind, so we chose to eat out.

We picked a table and check out our view! This made me enjoy my meal even more.

Ok, so here's something I'm not exactly proud of and probably one of our sweetest husband-wife moment last year. So remember, this is a cafeteria-style kind of establishment and MR, SO, and I were waiting in line. Picture this - 3 long buffet tables that formed a long U, 1 central buffet table, white walls with many many writings, and full of hungry people. The line was going pretty quickly. Au suivant, au suivant (next, next) . Then my turn came and I stared blankly at the chef. He stared back and I saw the huge question mark on his face. "I'll have that", I said in a small voice pointing to the first appetizing dish I saw. Tagliatelle with Noix de Petoncle. Not bad, I told myself, that's look yummy. Au suivant, au suivant. MR's turn. He starts to speak up and at the same time I look at the food selection and I see a Tajine au Poulet et Citron Confit. "Oh no", I say, probably a little too loud. "What's wrong?", MR says. "Butttttt....But I want that", I answer, pointing to the chicken. "But you already have the Tagliatelle", he reminds me.  I look down, a little sad. "Hmmm, *cough cough*, Sir have you decided?" the nice chef asks. "Yes I'll have the Tajine", MR answers. "What will you have with it Sir?" "Rice and Green Beans." Exactly like I wanted! I looked up to MR, he smiles down at me, giving me a wink. And we exchange plates.

Oh gosh, what do you think? Am I the luckiest of wives or just a really annoying one? LOL

The infamous Tajine au Poulet et Citron Confit with Rice and Green Beans (11,90 Euros).
Worth it all!

Tagliatelle aux Noix de Petoncle (9,90 Euros).
One bite and I don't feel so bad for MR. This was really good and he seemed to enjoy it!

SO's Chicken Nuggets and French Fries (6,20 Euros - main dish, drink, dessert, and surprise gift)

Creme Brulee (3,30 Euros)

MR's Millefeuille (3,60 Euros)

MR is currently on his pursuit for the perfect Millefeuille,. Sadly, this wasn't it.
Good luck honey, I hope you find it!!!

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