Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Le Grillon des Salines in Dieuze, France

On Wednesday afternoons, SO has no school and MR and I usually don't work as well. Because we are usually invited out on weekends, Wednesday afternoons have become our "family day out time". But because it is winter, there isn't much to do outside or activities going on. One of our best family times have started with a car, a full tank, and the desire to explore. Today, our desire brought us to Le Grillon des Salines in Dieuze, France. A cozy French boulangerie / patisserie that is well known in the area to be a really good place for people craving sweets. 

Le Cochon  (3,10 Euros) 

SO eats with her eyes before her stomach and insisted she wanted to get this. I said alright, but in my mind I wondered if she would finish it. I wasn't wrong - she later exchanged with her father. 

Millefeuille (3,10 Euros)

MR's choice, who is on the search for the perfect Millefeuille and still is. 

La Marquise (3,20 Euros) 

My all-chocolate dessert - it just melted in my mouth! 

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