Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Casimir Pizza Food Truck in Conthil, France

Hot pizza! But I gotta say, it's not only the pizza that is hot in my town lately. Local government elections are coming up and I witnessed some pretty intense stuff. I realized that there's nothing like elections to bring out the bad / mean side of people. Grrrrr. But I don't want to think about that anymore. Tonight I want to think about this great Pizza Food Truck that's in the little town of Conthil, France. Every 2 weeks, Conthil is lucky to have the presence of Casimir Pizza Food Truck. Conthil is a tiny town of about 200 people, but whenever Casimir is in town words get out in neighboring towns. Based on experience, ordering ahead is highly advised!

It was LU and AR who first introduced me to Casimir Pizza. I invited them over for dinner one evening and they insisted to bring a pizza to share as an appetizer. I had no idea then that there was a pizza food truck in town every 2 Wednesdays of the month. We had the 4 Fromages / 4 Cheese that night and it was delicious! I swore to myself that someday (and if I didn't forget) we would order some for ourselves.

Flamms Gratinee (7,50 Euros) - cream, onions, lardons

I asked for pizza dough if possible which is thicker. This is an Alsatian dish and it is too good!!!

Calzone (8,50 Euros) - tomato, ham, cheese, mushrooms, eggs

It sounded perfect for me. That was until I sliced it open in half and saw that the egg was still pretty raw! As good as the pizza might have been, the raw egg (especially the white part) is a deal breaker for me.

I love that Casimir Pizza has a fidelity card. The 15th pizza is free. Hmmm, that's in about 7 weeks from now!!!!

For contact details, please click here


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